First Look: Krunch Pizza

After only two days of being open (today is day 3) the backlash has already begun  against Krunch Pizza, a new place serving “Grandma Style” pizza pies on 2nd Ave. and 52nd St.  Complaints like not crunchy enough, too thick and “gummy” were tossed around… But for us in Midtown, looking for a cheap and decent lunch- beggars can’t be choosers, and a new place is always worth checking out. (Even if it is, slightly overpriced for the size, square pizza.)

Salads, panini, pasta and of course pizza is on the menu here with some really delicious choices, including: Bianchi Krunch (Ricotta, Marscapone & Truffle oil), Krunch Gamberi (Shrimp, oil cured olives, lemon, red onion tomato and mozzarella) Prosciutto Crudo (Prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella, and fresh tomato) and the Alla Funghi (Wild mushrooms, fresh tomato, garlic, mozzarella, fontina and thyme).  The nutella krunch also sounds interesting (what fat guy wouldn’t like hazelnut spread pizza)- although I didn’t see it out when I was there.  Slices range from $2.50 to $3.75, Salads are $7.50 to $14.00, the smallish looking panini are $6.50 to $9.00 and the pastas are $8.00 to $12.00.  Expect a wait at lunch time, and the seating area is super small so expect to take your pizza to go.

Next week, we’ll tell you how to skip the line at ‘wichcraft in Bryant Park (if you like overpriced gourmet sandwiches), and give you a replacement for Variety Cafe that also has Korean food (!?!)- plus more…


  • Famiglia on 50th/Broadway has some of the best pizza in midtown… good sauce.

  • famiglia sucks! try a non-chain store pizzeria why don’t you?

  • Have you tried the Amish Market at 9th ave and 50th? They have great pizza for about $2.25 a slice. Their sister store, Zeytuna, downtown has some of the best pizza in the city (my opinion of course… I know how we New Yorkers are about our pizza.)

  • in midtown, not too many non-chain options that aren’t scary. Of course there are *much* better slices in NY, but midtown? Recommend some if you know better!

    I happen to be a fan of their fresh mozzerella/tomato/basil slices…

  • An excellent pizza place is Little Italy on 43rd between 5th and Madison. Don’t confuse this Little Italy with the poser on 45th between 5th and 6th, which goes by Little Italy, and sucks.

    Also, there is a new wichcraft on 46th street between 5th and Madison (very close to 5th Ave around the corner from Barnes and Noble).

  • bella napoli bet. 6th and 7th is pretty good. and angelo’s on 57th bet. 6th and 7th is even better, they have a coal oven.

  • also Labellezza III
    @ 145 E 49th St | Btwn 3rd & Lexington Ave is excellent. small though.

  • I think Krunch Pizza is a great addition to the area!! The concept is great as well as the krunchy square slices. My favorite is the Bianchi Krunch- love the truffle oil!!! There is a great buzz in the area.

  • I agree with Midtown Lunch, especially on the crust front. I visited opening night and sampled most of their goods. The superior toppings and creative combinations were memorable and worth a slice, or in this case, a square. More importantly, the Tuscan salad, dotted with pecorino, hearts of palm and Tuscan beans was fresh and fantastic. Ditto on the Krunch rigatoni, which is apparently an homage to Bar Pitti’s Pitti Pasta. They serve wine and beer to boot.

    I’m writing it up myself, so definitely check it out on my site at
    Restaurant Girl

  • Went to Krunch today- The toppings (had the Bianchi and one with homemade sausage with garlic and roasted peppers) were very flavorful, had nice contrast and were not overdone or greasy in any way- nicely done. The dough, however, was inconsistent- a bit too rustic, thick and dry- I hope they are still working on it, because in my book they are not there yet.

    Also, the wait is ridiculous. I don’t mean long, because I understand waiting when a place is busy, I mean just plain inefficient. They are clearly trying, but they have one guy who feeds the slices into the warmer about six at a time, and two girls who package and ring up the orders. As a result, the three of them are standing around 90% of the time waiting for each “batch” of slices to warm, at which point there is 2 minutes of activity to reload the oven, and then everyone waits around again. It’s a small space, but they really need to improve their service/prep line, especially as the “brick” oven they warm the slices in is for show anyway, and all the pies are made in the back.

  • On my first vist, I side with the “gummy” crust crowd. But I understand the restaurant is only a week old. I think in this barren wasteland of eats in the East 50′s this is a great addition. I liked the toppings and will go back soon. Let’s hope they put a real Krunch in that crust, and become the best pizza joint in the ‘hood.

  • “Flashdancers Pizza” – the pizza place next door to Flashdancers on Broadway between 53rd and 52nd Streets. Best pizza around in midtown…and then of course Abitino’s, but more South.

  • Loved the Truffle Oil Slice! Thank heaven for another option midtown that is not a crappy chain… have yet to try the Nutella Krunch — anyone try it?

  • I liked the pizza! I tried the Zucchini and thjought it was really imaginative. It is nice to have some options in the area. And remember, they clearly are not going for the typical NYC pizza style. Because NYC pizza is completely different!

  • Krunch is by far the best pizza in the area. In a neighborhood filled with pizza ranging from dreadful to mediocre, Krunch is a breath of fresh air. It compares favorably the best quality pizza in Naples.

  • Krunch is by far the best pizza in the area. In a neighborhood filled with pizza ranging from dreadful to mediocre, Krunch is a breath of fresh air. In fact. it compares favorably the best quality pizza in Naples.

    Although there are, indeed, some good pizza places in New York city, you can’t walk to any of them from Krunch.


  • Krunch !!! I Tried the pizza three times so far and it is what they say it is crunchy !!! I love the variety of toppings ALL of them really tastey, the Zucchuni Pizza is the one I liked the best . I also tried the Rigatoni with pink sauce and loved it. Where can you go and have a quality serving of pasta for eight dollars ? Hope they open one Downtown .

  • Krunch’s reinvention of the pizza was interesting and delicious. They had good topping combinations for all their pizzas, my favorite was the pizza with truffle oil. I went on opening night so I got to try everything along with free drinks. The public relations firm that represented the place did an awesome job with the press for this restaurant. They’re based in Manhattan and do lots of other cool events, their website is amp3pr(dot)(comm).

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