How quickly we forget… or forgive.

Is there anything that shows the resilience of Midtown eaters more then Variety Cafe… re-opened and a line at the Salad Bar (9 days after being closed by the Health Department… ahem, I mean “closed due to improve our service“).  Either that, or we’re a sad bunch that refuses to venture more then a block for good food during lunch.

Come on people!  Is there no other Salad bar on the block?  I know it’s hard to find one in Midtown.  No word yet on why they were shut down, or which section was affected (hot plate, salad bar, sushi, sandwiches…).  Eating there again is a game of russian roulette that I’d rather not play…

Coming next week on Midtown Lunch: My not so Yummy quest for cheap take out sushi, a Taco Cart (with a big sombrero), and cold noodles at Men Kui Tei.


  • BISTRO!!!!!!! 51st between 6th and 7th – UBS building. I can’t believe you have not been there yet!! You need to go and check out the salad! Trust me!

  • i suspect most people were suckered by the free food samples and aggressive hawkers…

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