1:15 PM, Wait Time for Burrito = 50 minutes

The pandemonium continues on 48th st.  I asked a few people how long they waited…. In line at 11:20 AM, got their Burrito at Noon.  Got in line at 11:55 AM, got their Burrito 12:45 PM.  My boss said f this, and walked to the Chipotle on 42nd to pay for his Burrito.  Apparently the suits in the area, weren’t willing to do the same…

Scenes from the Apocalypse, Midtown Edition:  Midtown in Manhattan, where $400,000/year Skadden associates and $4 million/year Lehman partners stand in stifling heat, waiting for a freaking free burrito from Chipotle.  [Curbed]

Hilarious… I couldn’t have said it better myself.

***UPDATE*** A little after 3pm, I was told by someone I work with, they only had to wait 15 minutes to get their burrito… but that ended pretty quickly.  By 6pm, the dinner crowd was starting to arrive, and it was back to a 30-40 minute wait… and by 6:40, I heard the line was back to the same length as the peak lunch line (1 hour wait).


  • isn’t the lunch wait usually that long? i work in midtown east and my friend works on wall street.. there’s always a line out the dam door.. but agreed.. free chipotle is the only good chipotle.

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