11:01 AM, 48 st. in Front of Chipotle, Midtown NYC

At 11:00 AM this morning, Free Burrito Day began as Midtown apparently decided their time was worth less than $8.00.  We couldn’t get inside- but were told there were about 150 lined up inside… bringing the total count of people to about 250.

Btw…. the Chipotle backlash has already begun.  We recieved this comment earlier this morning from NOSHER:

You just lost another fan of the blog. The free burrito news was great the first time, but four days in a row is overkill. Good luck.

Well to her, and everyone else, I apologize… but don’t blame the messenger.  People love free food.  For people who enjoy eating at good places- we’ll have a review of Yum Thai tomorrow!  Thanks for your patience while we examine the true nature of most of the people eating in Midtown…


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