More Chipotle Confusion…

Just to add to the confusion, Chipotle invited various V.I.P.’s and people who work in the area to eat for free today (Friday)… For people not lucky enough to be on the invite list- you get a card good for free dinner at the pre-opening event Monday night between 5 and 8pm.

Confused yet?  Here’s the deal:

  • Today (Friday):  Free Lunch, Invite Only.
  • Monday, July 17: 5 to 8pm  Pre-Opening Event.  You can only get in with a pass.  To get your pass go to Chipotle right now.  They are giving them out, right outside the door (While supplies last, and as of 1:45pm they were running out)
  • Tuesday, July 18: Free Burrito Day.  Open to everyone.  11am to 8pm
  • Wednesday, July 19: Chipotle Open to the public!  Fun fun…

Pass for Monday Night 

Pics from Inside:

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