Free Overpriced Chocolat

Discovered a fancy chocolate loophole the other day while eating underneath Rockefeller Center.  After having a couple of slices at Two Boots (the +/- of which we can argue on a later date) my wife decided she wanted a little something sweet… little being the key word.  All weight issues aside, there are tons of choices to satisfy a sweet tooth.  Ben and Jerry’s 50 yards away, a chocolate dipped cone from Mr. Softee on various corners of Midtown.  But since small was what she was looking for, I suggested going upstairs to La Maison du Chocolat- an upscale chocolate boutique on the first floor of Rockefeller Center.

There’s no question this place is expensive… not just compared to a snicker’s bar or many other cheaper chocolate options- but even compared to some of the other (some may say better) upscale chocolate shops in Manhattan (the amazing Jacques Torres comes to mind).  But, this is Midtown… and the choices at lunch are a little slimmer- and my wife would rather pay $1.40 for something small, then less for something larger and more fattening.

So with that in mind, we went into La Maison du Chocolat, and she picked out a small round thing with hazlenuts in it.  When we went to pay (cost… $1.41), the cashier offered BOTH OF US free samples from a little platter he had behind the counter… and I didn’t even have to buy anything.

That’s 3 pieces of fancy chocolate- price to us $1.40.  Factoring in the two free pieces of chocolate made the price seem a lot more reasonable.  Now, I can’t guarantee that they do this all the time (and for everyone)- and there’s no question you have to buy something to get the free sample, but it was worth telling the story, just in case they do it all the time.  Let me know if it works for you! Good luck… and don’t tell them I sent you.

La Maison du Chocolat, 30 Rockefeller Center (at 49th St.), 212-265-9404


  • I got to try that for myself one day. Sounds so tempting…

  • Same thing happened to me. But I’m still not paying $60 for their ‘chocolate tasting’ class.

  • Maison du Chocolat is a european export. Therefore, keep in mind that these are the average prices for fine chocolat in Europe, especially Paris. A high price for a piece of europe without the plane ticket.

  • love your chocolet

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