Aaron’s Restaurant

Day 5 of Falafel Week

Well, falafel week ended with a whimper this week.  I was unable to find Miriam's Falafel Cart on 46th & 6th, which has disappeared into some sort of falafel netherworld… and with no other suggestions from friends or message boards- I was forced to go to a place that I don't think is known for it's falafel, but I've alway been curious about… Aaron's Restaurant.

Because Aaron's Restaurant is on 46th between 5th & 6th avenue, I walk by it all the time (on my way to Hing Won, Variety Cafe or House of Pita).  Their sign hangs right over the sidewalk, but the place itself is on the second floor, so you can't see in.  Only a staircase leading up to god knows where.  And when I say "god knows where", I mean that literally, because Aaron's is a Glatt Kosher restaurant, which I think is loosely translated to mean "extra" kosher.

After climbing the stairs you find yourself in the front of a bare bones restaurant, with a buffet style counter where you can order things to go, or a seating area where you can order off the menu from a waiter or waitress.  The food behind the glass counter looked pretty good… but once again- it's falafel week, so I ordered a falafel with everything to go.

I'll try not to spend too much time on this falafel, because to be honest with you, it was pretty bad.  It was edible… and I finished it (after all I'm a fat man who loves to eat)- but every other place this week was better.  The first sign of trouble… after stuffing the pita with hummos and falafel he then put it in a microwave.  Once that happened, I had pretty much given up any hope of this place earning a second visit (for the falafel that is… I will be back but more on that later).

The pictures and +/- after the jump….

He then stuffed the microwaved pocket with a tomato and cucumber Israeli salad, a cabbage salad that tasted like sauerkraut, and pickles.  The bread was chewy, the falafel was dry and the whole time I was thinking about how good this would be if it were fresh.  And with that falafel week was over…

But, not before Aaron's redeemed itself slightly.  On my way out, I stopped at the little makeshift table Aaron's has outside on the sidewalk.  It looks like the lemonade stand you had as a kid… but instead of lemonade, it's a jewish kid selling meat and spinach pies for $1.  I picked up a spinach pie, and it was really good- especially for $1.  I'm a big fan of dollar food/snack… and would definetely recommend this one.  

In all fairness, the hot food behind the counter looked pretty good… stuffed chicken, beef goulash, and shish kebab to name a few- so I will probably go back and try one of their meals before writing the place off entirely! 


  • The other stuff.  Try a pie on the street or climb the stairs and order one of the hot meals.
  • If you are looking for a weird, hidden place in the middle of midtown that serves hot kosher meals… this is your place.


  • The falafel was not fresh… and not that good.

Aaron's Restaurant, 60 W. 48th St. 2nd Floor, Btw. 5th & 6th, 212-764-2024


  • Is this place Labanese?

  • I think it is Israeli…

  • Oh how I miss Jerusalem Pita on 45th !!!
    (Just found your site via Chowhound)

  • Do you mean Moishe’s falafel on the corner of 46th and 6th? I believe he’s still there.

  • The place is filthy, service is haphazard (nice people, but not restaurant people), and you’ll wait some time for a simple order. I was hoping for Bukharan favorites such as deep fried potatoes with garlic sauce, but found it to be so-so with cheap, but mediocre boreks. Go to Forest Hills for this kind of food and avoid this place.

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