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Soothing, Post Hurricane Shakshuka at La Va

I hope you and your loved ones fared the storms alright. I am thankful I didn’t lose power so that the precious baked clams my mom made me that I am saving in my freezer for the right moment didn’t go bad.  Restaurants and cafes are reopening, including La Va. La Va Cafe is a cute neighborhood cafe that stands out from other because of the sneaky Israeli menu. Beyond the paninis and pastries you can find burekas, schnitzel, and hummus.

I was looking for something comforting, and upon seeing shakshuka, I was instantly reminded of a really fun meal in Israel at Dr. Shakshuka where a group of us dined from communal bowls of bright, cooked down tomatoes topped with runny egg.

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Lunch Links (The “Deadly Roach Snack” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Meal Ticket
  • Japanese ceviche exists at Fuji Mountain [Foodzings]
  • Little Snuff’s Luncheonette opened in South Philly with tasty italian sandwiches [Meal Ticket]
  • A guy in Florida won a cockroach eating contest and then died [NBC]
  • Hawk gets the greasy, stacked Al Pastor pizza from Rosario’s [Slice]

Find Cambodian Lemongrass Meat Sticks and a Soup Piñata at Angkor Restaurant in a North East Shopping Plaza

Angkor Restaurant is a Cambodian restaurant located north and east of Center City in the Lawncrest area. Angkor can be found inside a shopping mall that also hosts a grocery store and a few other South East Asian dining spots. Angkor has a pretty big menu with authentic and potentially unfamiliar dishes. Its the kind of place you should head to with a group of open minded friends. Just be warned, there is no alcohol and for some reason they do not allow BYO. Basically a whole new meaning for beer tears is happening at Angkor.  But their food mostly makes up for that ridiculous policy.

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Dough Wrapped Meat at Barra

This week, Luncher Janeane from Phillyism is trying the savory dough treats at Barra.

I’ve walked past Barra plenty of times, but decided to finally check it out when I heard about their lunch menu. That, and the fact that they bake stomboli-esque burgers and sandwiches. Scoreee!

Barra opened a few months back in the Old City venue that once housed the Paradigm / Dolce mashup. A brick oven and remodeled space boasts a warm ambiance, perfect for a lunch visit on a cool day. With a full menu priced at $$$, their lunch menu is definitely the way to go with burgers and sandwiches between $9-$13 that includes either a side salad or fries. Cue the food pics.

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Pop Up Food Truck Event in City Hall Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, food trucks will be serving inside the courtyard at City Hall. Get lunch from The Mini Trini, Street Food, The Tamale Truck, and Jimmie’s Cupcakes. Each truck will be offering at least one healthy dish in addition to the rest of their menu in honor of National Food Day. Also for National Food Day, bring in canned goods and receive 10% off your meal.

I have been meaning to try the food from Street Food, so I will definetely be there!

Mussels at Monk’s Cafe

It is safe to say Monk’s is a favorite beer bar of Philly locals and visitors alike. One of the popular menu items, and pretty much the only things not over $10 are the bowls of mussels. The small bowls are $10 and come with frites and a roll.

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Lunch Links (The “BBQ Debut” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Philly Phoodie
  • A first look at the bbq from Fette Sau. The rib and beans are the winners [Philly Phoodie]
  • A crepe place is coming to 15th and South [Eater]
  • Praise for Pitruco [Phila Weekly]
  • An article about the progress of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association [The Daily Pennsylvanian]