Soothing, Post Hurricane Shakshuka at La Va

I hope you and your loved ones fared the storms alright. I am thankful I didn’t lose power so that the precious baked clams my mom made me that I am saving in my freezer for the right moment didn’t go bad. ┬áRestaurants and cafes are reopening, including La Va. La Va Cafe is a cute neighborhood cafe that stands out from other because of the sneaky Israeli menu. Beyond the paninis and pastries you can find burekas, schnitzel, and hummus.

I was looking for something comforting, and upon seeing shakshuka, I was instantly reminded of a really fun meal in Israel at Dr. Shakshuka where a group of us dined from communal bowls of bright, cooked down tomatoes topped with runny egg.

The shakshuka platter is a reasonable $5.75 and comes with an Israeli style chopped salad, a piece of bread for dipping, olives, and pickles. I particularly appreciated  the authentic touch of the side serving of olives and pickles because that is such a common accompaniment in Israel. Also I love olives and pickles. The tomatoes in the shakshuka were spiced nicely. I just wish the eggs were much much less cooked. I suggest requesting them runnier if you try this dish out. Its a healthy, reasonably priced lunch, and most importantly it is something a little different from a standard panini.

The portion at Cafe Ole looks a little bigger according to Janeane’s write up about it and the eggs look runnier. Can anyone who has tried both vouch for the better version?

La Va Cafe, 21st and South St, 215 545 1508



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