Find Cambodian Lemongrass Meat Sticks and a Soup Piñata at Angkor Restaurant in a North East Shopping Plaza

Angkor Restaurant is a Cambodian restaurant located north and east of Center City in the Lawncrest area. Angkor can be found inside a shopping mall that also hosts a grocery store and a few other South East Asian dining spots. Angkor has a pretty big menu with authentic and potentially unfamiliar dishes. Its the kind of place you should head to with a group of open minded friends. Just be warned, there is no alcohol and for some reason they do not allow BYO. Basically a whole new meaning for beer tears is happening at Angkor.  But their food mostly makes up for that ridiculous policy.

Meats on sticks are a good way to start. Chicken Patty Skewers ($4.95) are moist, lemongrass scented balls of both ground chicken and pork.

The beef sticks ($4.75), also infused with lemongrass, were so tender and juicy they might be even better than the chicken. Both skewered apps come with a side of papaya salad.

We advanced to the raw beef salad ($9). I was expecting slices of beef, carpaccio style like at Pho Xe Lua. Instead it was ground.  Still tasty with the peanuts, thai basil, and peppers, just not really as pretty to look at.

Extra crispy fried quail was broken down into easy to gnaw on pieces.

Prahok is a classic Cambodian dish made of finely ground pork. Angkor’s version was a little funky for me, I prefer Khmer Kitchen’s.

The Angkor special soup was another favorite of the table. There were so many flavors (i.e. basil, coconut) and add ins (chicken, green beans, eggplant) going on it was like a soup piñata. I had never before seen the appeal of fried dough, however, a side order was brought out hot and was perfect for soup dipping.

Doesn’t it get boring eating the same things every week? Grab some friends and make the trip to try something new at Angkor. Just leave the beer at home.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Tasty Cambodian skewers and soups

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • No alcohol and a no BYO policy
  • Prahok is a little too funky
  • Unfamiliar  food in a shopping plaza is not my idea of a good time

Angkor Restaurant, 5520 Whitaker Ave, Unit 7  in Ben City Supermarket, 215-831-1016


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