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Dear Taim: Please Open In Nolita So We Can Have Harissa Falafel Every Day

It’s a good thing I don’t live or work near the Taim brick and mortar location in the West Village or I may develop an addiction. However, when news came out that they’re opening a new flagship shop on Mulberry St. (at Spring) in Nolita, I did a little happy dance inside because their delicious falafel would be available after only a short ride on the subway. But that opening was announced what seems like ages ago, and the Taim Web site still carries a message that the shop is opening “soon.” Reports at the beginning of July said the location would open in two weeks, but that came and went. Rather than wait for the Taim Mobile truck to come close to my office (the WFC lot is as close as it gets, and that’s still far), I took matters into my own hands to try their harissa falafel at last weekend’s food truck rally in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. And after tasting this flavor of their falafel, I want that new shop to open even more.

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Taim Mobile Debuting Sabich Today!

 width= A couple of weeks ago our hopes of Taim Mobile serving its sabich were raised and then dashed as it turned out to be a misunderstanding. Well, today you can finally get your hands on this much-loved egg and eggplant sandwich as a special at the truck’s location on Hudson St. in Soho. Early adopters feel free to tell us what you thought in the comments. Photo courtesy of Serious Eats.

First Look: Taim Mobile Gives Every Other Falafel Cart A Run For Their Money

One of the most hotly anticipated food truck launches in recent memory happened yesterday, with Taim Mobile rolling out its un-shiny new wheels. They parked on Hudson St. on the western edge of Soho, away from the heavy foot traffic a couple of blocks away in either direction (probably on purpose), but still drew a long line despite the rainy conditions. My wait time from ordering to food in hand was about 30 minutes, but I blame that on the sheer number of orders because they actually seemed to have a good system going and plenty of people working in the truck. And man, was the wait worth it. Read more »

Taim Mobile Diverts To Soho Today: The new Taim Mobile truck was supposed to make its grand entrance in midtown today, but luckily for us they're coming downtown instead. According to their Twitter, the truck will be on Hudson btw. King & Charlton today for your lunching needs.