Akimoto Sushi’s Maki Special Does Not Live Up To Minimal Expectations


At this point, there are few Japanese spots we have not checked out in Downtown Lunch territory, save the ones that don’t have lunch specials below the $10 mark. One that I had walked by many times but not tried was Akimoto Sushi on Church St. (btw. Duane & Reade streets). A look at the lunch menu showed the usual bento boxes, donburi, noodles, fried rice and noodle dishes as well as maki rolls. On a warm day, sushi sounded good, but in the end I was a little disappointed.

You can get two sushi rolls at Akimoto for $8.50 or three for $11.25, and each comes with miso soup or salad. I’ve had varying luck, with some plump maki rolls and decent salad, to the tiny variety served with iceberg lettuce salad and not much else.

Sadly, the rolls I got from Akimoto were tiny and not containing much fish. I got a yellowtail scallion and one simply described as “sweet potato.” The one with yellowtail was short on fish, although I’d have to say it was rolled well Although the sweet potato, which was mostly like eating a sweet potato fry in sushi form, was more successful, I still wasn’t that impressed.

I think if you’re looking for sushi in this area, it’s maybe better to stick to Sun Cafe or Shinjuku. The quality is better and you probably won’t be as hungry right after lunch.

Akimoto Sushi, 187 Church St. (btw. Duane & Reade), (212) 766-3350, 766-3351


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