Zaitzeff’s Turkey Burger Is Quality, If You Can Swallow The Price Tag

Despite Zaitzeff being a mere two blocks from my office, I have never stepped inside the place, partly because it had already been reviewed long ago on this site, and because of the prices. I mean, I like a good burger, but is it worth paying nearly (or more than) $10 for just a burger and no fries? It was time to find out, and I picked the turkey burger as my guinea pig.

Prices have risen so that your choices to get a burger (again, fries are an extra $5) within the Downtown Lunch price cap are a quarter-pound sirloin burger, a turkey burger, veggie burger or BLT with avocado. That last one sounded pretty good, but it was a burger I was after, so I went with turkey ($8.75).

You get ground white organic turkey, and the romaine, tomato and griddled onions on a portuguese muffin. You want cheese? That’s $1.50 extra, so I opted to just go with the base model supplemented later with ketchup.

After I bit into this thing and juices ran down my hand, I was smitten with this burger. Usually turkey burgers are synonymous with the word “dry” but this was not. I only had to use one packet of ketchup! The other star of the burger, besides the meat, was the griddled onion which was plentiful.

Sure, this burger could have been a bit bigger but the quality was higher at what you get at most places in the Financial District. Based on the crowd filling this place at lunch, and the number of deliveries I saw going out, I’m not the only one willing to shell out $10 every once in a while for a quality burger. Next time I’m getting fries too.

Zaitzeff, 72 Nassau St. (at John), (212) 571-7272


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    Zaitzeff is expensive, but it is one of the few places that is worth the money. If/when you do get the fries, order the Mixed fries, so you can try both the sweet potato and regular potato varieties. It does not cost extra to have the fries mixed. They give a lot of fries, too. One order for two people is more than enough.

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