Downtown Links (The “Seaport Comeback Continues” Edition)

This picture makes me want lamb gyro, stat. Via Lunch Studio.

  • The fish burger at Westville is a good cleanser of holiday gluttony. [Grub St.]
  • Cowgirl Seahorse is again serving food at the Seaport. [FitR]
  • A look at The Butcher’s Daughter which just opened in Nolita. [Eater NY]
  • Don’t get hard boiled egg in your sandwich at Ba’al Cafe. [SENY]



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    Cowgirl Seahorse’s marguerita machine was saved, and is now up and running. Just so you know ;)

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    Update: I’ve been consuming my way through the Seaport area–today I had a big Leo’s bagel at Made Fresh Daily followed by nachos, fish tacos and margueritas at Seahorse. C’mon, I HAD to be thorough! This is SCIENCE (as Zach might say).

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    I’m worried that many of the small businesses won’t make it if the NEIGHBORHOOD doesn’t come back. And so far, the whole neighborhood isn’t back.

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