Tilapia With Rice And Beans Special At Sandra’s Cart Worth The Mid-Week Wait

Sometimes when I would walk by Sandra’s Food Spot cart on Nassau (btw. Liberty & Cedar) in the morning there would be a neon pink sign affixed to the front announcing a special of tilapia with rice and beans for $7. It wasn’t until a few failed attempts at snagging this special that I realized they only serve it on Wednesdays (much like the Friday pasteles special), and it’s best to go early if you want some.

I got in line behind a bunch of construction workers and men of finance waiting for hot dogs and Philly cheese steaks. I was the only one who ordered the fish special, and it was dished up along with pinto beans, a chunk of potato, some salad and lots of yellow rice. I thought this was a lot of food for $7 and a nice change of pace from steam table fare that makes up Latin food in the Financial District.

The fish was great with the little bit of red sauce poured over. It looks like Tabasco, but wasn’t spicy. I was also impressed by how flavorful the beans were and that the rice wasn’t dried out at all. Again, it pays to go early not only to get first dibs on the limited number of servings, but to get at everything before it’s been sitting around too long.

If you’re a fan of fish and Latin food you’re probably going to like this, and if not I guess you could just go for one of the hot dogs that bring a line of blue collar workers to Sandra’s.

Sandra’s Food Spot cart, Nassau St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar)


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    Just had this dish at Sandra’s for the first time today. Even better than pictured (my tilapia was crisper)! Delicious with the hot sauce and white sauce. As Sandra said – see you tomorrow!

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