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Famous Dal Wagon’s Puri Bhaji is a Great Side Dish

Famous Dal Cart

A few weeks ago, Brownie discovered that Famous Dal Wagon (on 39th+6th) was offering Puri Bhaji, something neither of us had ever had. Well my curiosity finally got the best of me and I can say her nut allergy worries shouldn’t have been a concern. Puri Bhaji is definitely one of the better lunch deals around town, especially if you’re looking for a lighter Indian lunch.

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Famous Dal Wagon Spotted in Midtown West

Famous Dal Wagon

On Wednesday as I was walking back from lunch I passed the “Famous Dal Wagon” parked on the NE corner of 39th and 6th. I was on maternity leave last summer when this cart first made an appearance in midtown, so this was my first sighting. But from what I can gather it looks like they are tricked out with a new look and promoting specials other than dal. Read more »

Chicken Tikka Masala Smackdown: Are you a big fan of chicken tikka masala?  On Friday Fork in the Road pitted the chicken tikka masala from the Famous Dal Cart (on 32nd and Park) against the chicken tikka masala from the Desi Food Truck (on 27th and 5th Ave.) and came to the conclusion that FDC was easily the winner.

Tracking Down the “Famous Dal Cart”


Last month we told you that the “Famous Dal Cart” (discovered by Grub Street in the EV) had to decided to move to Midtown for lunch. It hasn’t been the most consistent cart of all time (one day it’s there, one day it’s not), but they seemed to have settled on the NW corner of 32nd and Park. So I swung by last week to see what they have to offer. Just from the name, Famous Dal Cart, I knew two things before even eating any of their food. First, I should probably try the dal (duh). Second, it’s always good to be weary of restaurants that claim to be “famous” or “best” at something (especially when they’ve been open for less than a month!) In other words, I was keeping my expectations on the low side (but hoping to be pleasantly surprised.)

When I arrived at the Famous Dal Cart, I knew that even if their dal wasn’t good enough to be famous, they would at least win an award for having a festively decorated cart.

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Cartwatch: Famous Dal Cart Now Parking in Midtown?

Last month Grub Street reported that a new cart, called the “Famous Dal Cart”, had popped up in the East Village serving up dal, chicken tikka masala, and biriyani.   Well, it appears as if yesterday the cart was spotted on the NW corner of 32nd and Park Ave. (According to owner, they couldn’t make it during lunch in the EV.)  Our man Clay went out this morning to track it down, but as of 11am the cart was nowhere to be found.  If anybody spots this cart today, let us know where it is in the comments…