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Sad News in K-Town as Gahm Mi Oak Shutters: Bad news for old school Koreatown fans... Eater has reported that Korea-town favorite Gahm Mi Oak has closed for good. It's a real shame, considering the restaurant has been open for 25 years, and this would be the perfect time of year to indulge in their Sul Long Tang (milky ox-bone soup).

Grand Central Shake Shack Now Serves Breakfast: If you came through Grand Central today, you may have noticed Shake Shack was open well before lunch time. Eater reports that they are now serving breakfast starting from 7am-10:30am. Burgers and concretes will be swapped out for egg sandwiches and coffee. The sandwiches range from $3.75 to $4.75. Not bad at all. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Gourmet 53 Celebrating 20 Years With Retro Prices Tomorrow: It's that time of year again, and this year they're celebrating a big one! After being in business for 20 years, Cowgirl Catering, aka Gourmet 53, on 3rd Ave. btw 52nd & 53rd streets is rolling back prices to 1994 levels on Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can get a "flashback lunch" for $3 (cash only), with hors d'oeuvres and a lottery where 10 people will win free lunch for a month. Go forth and eat on the cheap!

GRK Opens Today With Meats on Spits, Yogurt: Looks like the gas was finally turned on over at the second NYC location of GRK on Lexington btw. 44th & 45th streets, because we just got word that they're opening today. On the menu is lamb/beef, chicken, pork and portabello mushroom "yeero" in platter or sandwich form, and fresh and frozen Greek yogurt. You can get all of this from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, and noon to 10 p.m. weekends.

Ditto on the Mexican Food: Our intrepid Philadelphia correspondent Jamie (who you may remember from her days here in Midtown) just got back from Mexico City, and did this pretty amazing post on all the food she ate.  Warning: if you click on the link, be prepared for extreme jealousy.  And if anybody knows where to get any of this stuff in Midtown, the comments are open and waiting for your suggestions.

Get on Guy Fieri’s radar with the Flavortown dish generator!: Is there ever a point in time when we, the food blogger elite, aren't slamming Guy Fieri enough? Perhaps we're not yet at Peak Flavortown yet, and as such, we present Eater's Guy Fieri Flavortown Dish Name Generator. Click the button, get a dish - and it's definitely worth going to Flavortown for Steven Seagal's saltimbocca bull scraps with Jack Daniels creamed walnuts!

“Taste of the Terminal” Starts Today: Today—and on every Monday in July—you can get a free taste of some of the edible offerings in Grand Central (subway platform churros not included). Samples will be handed out from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Vanderbilt Hall. Participants include Cafe Grumpy, Ciao Bella, Joe, Li-Lac Chocolates and Manhattan Chili Co.

Kelvin Slush Happy Hour Alert: Today is Lord Kelvin's Birthday (who knew!?) and to celebrate Kelvin Slush will be offering happy hour priced boozy slushes at bars all around town this afternoon.  In Midtown they'll be at Butter (on 45th btw. 5+6th) w/ $5 Calamansi and Dark n Stormy slushes from 5-8pm. And to top it off the truck will be in the Flatiron (on 20th and 5th) giving away free virgin slushes from 1-6pm.

Free Cheese + Art At Grand Central Starting Today: An edible art gallery—made of cheese—can be found on the west side of Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall this Thursday and Friday. The pop-up gallery is sponsored by cheese maker Castello, and the best part of the whole thing is you can take samples straight from the "art." If you think it's weird to eat cheese/art, they'll also be handing out samples of aged havarti, and you can watch a couple of artists carve a sculpture out of cheese. This is happening from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday so if you're a true freeloader you can get samples for all three meals.

Free Ice Cream Alert: If you're a fan of the Mets and/or free ice cream you'll want to hit up the plaza in front of SNY Studios (on 51st & 6th) today from Noon to 2pm. Good Humor will be celebrating summer by giving away thousands of frozen treats along with Mr. & Mrs. Met.  Freeloaders, prepare to engage.