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Penn Station Will Get a Brand New Food Court

Photo Courtesy of @thepennsy

It must be a Christmas miracle! Luncher joer alerted us in the comments to the fact that Penn Station will be getting a new legitimate food court early next year. It was reported in the New York Post and on Eater.¬†This is not an Urban Space run venture – it’s overseen by caterer Mary Giuliani – so you can expect a refreshing set of new and familiar food options. Most exciting for us is that this will be a permanent location for the much-missed Cinnamon Snail. Also expect The Lobster Press from Marc Forgione, a second location of healthy The Little Beet, and a soup and sandwich spot by Mario Batali called Mario by Mary.

It will open in the former Borders location facing 7th Avenue and there will be plenty of seating (about 300) and a bar, but the whole venture will have the unfortunate name of the Pennsy. Either way, we’ll take it.

Amazingly, Midtown Now Has a Second Poke Restaurant

Last month, I was super stoked to discover Sons of Thunder was serving Hawaiian poke in addition to burgers and chicken sandwiches. Over the weekend, I walked by a brand new spot called Pok√©works. It’s a company from California that just opened a location on West 37th Street last week. Are the trendy fried chicken sandwiches being replaced by raw marinated fish??

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Chef Street: A New Food Court in the Unlikeliest of Places

I was actually terrified to go check out the new food court in Macy’s. Not only am I allergic to shopping, but this is the holiday season and you have to battle a crowd of window-gazing tourists to even enter the doors of the department store. Oh, the things we do for food!

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Biryani Cart Has a New Cart Selling Giant Kati Rolls

Biryani Cart is not going anywhere on 46th Street, but its second cart seems to reinvent itself every few months. For a while, you could try Chinese-Indian food and once upon a time it was Juicy Wings. But starting today, it has moved from the east side of Sixth Avenue and will be located right next to the original cart (on the west side) and selling their giant kati wraps. In addition to larger versions of their sweet chili chicken roll, you can also try a giant philly steak roll and a falafel combo roll. All for $5! The cart will be there every weekday until 7pm.

Uncle Sam’s Tries to Lure Us with Fast Food Specials


Uncle Sam’s, a fast food chain in China, opened their first location a few months ago just out of bounds. They are on Fifth Avenue just below 32nd Street in the midst of Koreatown. The chain didn’t gain as much excitement in the city as Chick-Fil-A, but they received some positive press and have lots of combo specials listed on their window to lure lunchers in.

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Free Hot Beverages, Citi Sweet Treats NYC, and the NY Mets

Monday-Friday now through December 21, visit for locations where you can meet Mets players and score a free beverage (and sometimes sweet snacks) (if you show them your Citi card, debit or credit).

Right now, they’re parked outside 399 Park Ave (in front of the Citi branch there) with Dub Pies, Kimchi Taco, Red Hook Lobster Pound and… JOHN FRANCO!! New York City boy through and through.

I’ll be there! Will you?

Keep checking for when they’ll be near you – they’re going to be all over Manhattan including Union Square, Bryant Park, and perhaps farther downtown.


Edit: check out pics from my visit at the trucks, after the jump!

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Tapas Y Papas gives hope in Times Square

Decked out in the bright colors of the Spanish flag, this diminutive freight container food stand manages to grab a little attention away from the blaring billboards near 42nd St and Broadway. The signage catches my eye by claiming tortillas as a specialty. We’re talking about the Spanish potato onion omelette, not what’s keeping your Chipotle burrito intact. Only a week ago, I had gorged on an amazing tortilla in the Village from the Spanish chain, 100 Montaditos, which left me craving seconds. Could there possibly be a legitimate version in, of all places, Times Square?

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No. 7 Veggie’s Broccoli Tacos and Some Changes at UrbanSpace

After the craziness of opening week, I’ve been terrified to return to UrbanSpace. There are plenty of food vendors I have not yet tried, but I can’t handle the crowds (not to mention the overpriced food).

Yet over the weekend I found myself hungry for a bite nearby and thought I’d check it out again. I can tell you weekends (or perhaps before or after the weekday lunch rush) is the time to visit this food court. I had time to walk around, snap some photos, and order some food rather quickly.

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