Soho Sandwich Legend Alidoro Comes to Midtown

Alidoro, the downtown¬†sandwich shop that has a list of rules about what they will and will not serve you, is bringing its tasty Italian sandwiches to 39th St. btw. Madison & 5th, starting Thursday at 7 a.m. Word is that they won’t be quite as militant about the approach to sandwich making at this new outpost, and will be serving more than huge sandwiches. Find out what else you can expect, straight ahead.¬†

Rules at the Soho shop.

There are frequently lines out the door at the tiny Sullivan St. location for the painstakingly made (and gigantic) sandwiches. While most of them cost well over the $10 mark, you can easily split one with a lunch buddy and still have a solid meal. In addition to sandwiches, this location will have coffee, tea, salads, and breakfast sandwiches.

The midtown location will be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Alidoro, 18 E. 39th St. (btw. Madison + 5th Ave.), (646) 692-4330,


  • All of their breakfast sandwiches are $3!

  • Goats is going to flip out.

  • More sandwiches zZZZZzzzzzZzz…

  • Awful, just awful! Just split two sandwiches with a colleague and could not be more disappointed. If the Soho location is the same then I do not understand the praise. The meats are average, the mozz tastes like any supermarket brand. They serve on bread only deserving of a cheesesteak. A good Italian sandwich has to be on bread with chew, not this doughy abomination. If you ever want a Italian sandwich, go to Pisillo’s downtown. BUYER BEWARE.

    • Oh crap, that’s the sandwich place Goats likes. Pisillo’s. Apologies!

      • Dave-I was JUST thinking about heading to pisillos today! Now I am conflicted, though the reviews seem to indicate this is not going to be as good as alidoro downtown, which I did love the one time I went. They were very nice to me too, b/c I followed their rules. All the same, I may just head to pisillos where they actually know my name, and are always glad I came!

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    Grossly overpriced, mismanaged employees and MOST IMPORTANTLY subpar ingredients.

    If the above interest you please visit Alidoro Midtown.

    I understand that opening day there will be a few hiccups, but this also is an allegedly established sandwich shop at a different downtown location. The quality of the product should not be this low. I expected a delicious Italian sandwich and was unfortunately presented with a product a few notches above a Subway Italian sandwich. At least with the Subway Italian sandwich I would be getting a foot long sandwich for $5 whereas at Alidoro you are getting a 10 inch sandwich for $14.70. $1.50 extra for a tablespoon of store quality Balsamic GIVE ME A BREAK.

  • Is there anyone out there who has eaten at both locations?

  • If alidoro midtown sucks, you can always go to the spot below. It’s not the hugest, and it is a little pricey but it is very tasty and great quality. There is a ML post on it. I still would say go to pisillos downtown. It is, by far, the best spot in manhattan for this kind of specialty italian sandwich.

  • No believing these bad reviews – Walter is a stand-up guy. Will try myself this week

    Best article ever written on the place when it was known as Melampo:

  • that is a great article! Freaking bluto from popeye! Classic! Wish i was in the city back then but i didn’t make it down to NYC until the next yr, and I was so broke I think i ate at sam’s every day for my first year exclusively….2 bucks for a falafal sandwich back then, just as big as they are now….

  • I had a breakfast sandwich today, it was meh. They do not have a griddle, so the egg comes pre-poached (with a hard yolk) from a pan on a hotplate. I got the Maria, which has ham and cheese. It’s deli ham that they slice right then, so it’s cold. They throw the roll with the ham and cheese into a toaster oven to heat, but my ham was still cold but the cheese was melted all over. The roll was good, it tasted kind of like a croissant, but it was on the small side.

  • I tried all of the breakfast sandwiches on separate days over xmas week. Most were dry, but one was pretty good, the one with the peppers on it, The latte was exceptional. The lunch sandwiches are much better and huge. But the Alidoro namesake sandwich suffers from an over-abundance of vinegar and spice, could not taste the other ingredients. Enjoyed Sergimmo more.

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