Dub Pies Truck Introduces Food From Down Under


I’ve been known to say that in NYC, we have just about every type of food imaginable from a mobile food vehicle. Schnitzel? Check. Jamaican food? Check. Gourmet slushes? Check. But one glaring ommission up until now has been an obvious street food: Australian meat pies. Well, Dub Pies is close enough.


This truck launched just a few months ago as an extension of a New Zealand owned shop in Brooklyn specializing in these hand held gutbombs. They also serve gourmet coffee (flat white, anyone?) and an interesting Kiwi (not the fruit) dessert or two. I discovered them parked on 52nd and 6th last Friday and the guy on the truck told me they were trying to pin down a regular day to return to Midtown.


I don’t have much experience with these type of pies (always been leery of the overly smiley logo at Pie Face) so wasn’t sure which pie to order. I like beef and I like cheese, so I chose the mince pie, along with a sausage roll. The total came to just $10 and with all that meat and pastry, I was sure to not need to eat again for at least a few hours.


Somewhere between a corn dog, an egg roll, and a meat pie sat this sausage roll. The buttery pastry shell flaked away after each bite and the hearty sausage orbs inside had a peppery, gamey flavor. I thought it might be lamb, but upon more research it turns out it’s beef and pork. Although the filling could have been hotter, this was almost too easy to eat.


I asked the guy on the truck to heat up the pie, but he said everything was already warm.  I’d say it was lukewarm, but I realized it was the perfect temperature to hold in your hand. Much hotter would have made things very unpleasant.


But that $7 pie had tons of flavor once you got to the rich stewed beef inside. There was a strong peppery flavor with a lingering pungent spice. The white cheddar had melted down so really just added a sharp richness to the onion gravy. And the tender dough brought lots of sweet butteriness to the party.

The meal was definitely filling and the truck is a welcome addition to the diverse options on the street. According to their Facebook page, they will be in Midtown once again.  Follow along on twitter @dubpies


  • sooo…Pie Face on wheels?

  • I tried the Shepherd’s Pie and the Chicken Thai Curry pie when the truck was parked in Williamsburg last Friday. Reheated both when I got home via the toaster oven and they were delicious! And for the size of the pie, there’s a lot more meat in there than expected. Well worth the price.

  • Really? A little smiley face deters you from eating Pie Face? I admit the cartoony logo was a little off-putting to me at first, but when I finally tried them, I was pleasantly surprised – the pies are super tasty. I haven’t been through all of them but they are solidly tasty.

    (BTW – is that your MetroCard next to the pie? Maybe it’s the angle but it looks so long, and makes the pie look so small!)

    Hopefully they find a place to call home in Midtown!

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