The Food Truck Situation on 47th Street & Vanderbilt Avenue

47th Street and Vanderbilt

Over the years, we’ve kept track of the ongoing issues with being a food truck vendor in Midtown. Block after block has gone from hot bed of truck activity to crackdowns and being literally off-limits for months or years. One thing we’ve always advised to the owners is do not congregate on the same block as it inevitably leads to complaints and the Alpha Unit. Such advice is not being heeded on 47th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, the bona fide home of Jianetto’s Pizza Truck

47th Street and Vanderbilt

As I haven’t been regularly coming in and out of Midtown for work over the past year or so, I didn’t know the situation slowly forming on 47th Street at the top of Vanderbilt Avenue. When I worked two blocks away, it was always quiet as in just Jianetto’s and Kwik Gourmet. Maybe a truck would pop up every now and then. When we did our photo shoot at Cinnamon Snail on Park Avenue last spring, I remember seeing a bit more activity, but nothing truly outrageous. Then came April, when I laid out my plans for my street food tours, I turned onto 47th and was immediately amazed by the line of trucks parked on the block. I asked around and was told that the situation has been building over the past year to what it is now–every time I came around, the block was packed with people and trucks. Seeing as the surrounding buildings are mostly owned by JP Morgan–a company who is quite happy when their employees only have to run downstairs to get lunch–I don’t know when or how the complaints will start rolling in. Or if Alpha will ever show up to break up the party as the street is regulated for 3-hour metered parking for commercial vehicles during the work week. It will be interesting to see what happens next… but for now we’re definitely going to enjoy all the trucks.



  • All these trucks have actually pushed Jianetto’s out. I miss their pizza. Does anyone know if they have relocated some near 47th?

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    46th between 5th and 6th has gotten extremely crowded near the courtyard. Used to get a truck or two a day but now it seems like at least 4 or 5 are lining up. Today not only were all those trucks there, plus the usual carts (Moshe’s down the block, Aunt Kim’s, smoothies) but that Steaks and Crepes cart was parked in front of another truck, blocking part of it’s serving area it seemed. Likely just a matter of time…

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    This is outside the bounds of the East Midtown Partnership, the group that tends to call the cops on food trucks (Zach posted on this ages ago), which is probably why it’s a safe block. Plus the only brick and mortar is Devon & Blakely. Surprised they haven’t put up more of a fight.

  • I’m fairly sure articles like this aren’t helping any…

  • It’s been like that for a while. That’s one of the best blocks for food trucks.

  • I went today, and found SEVEN trucks on 47th, off Vanderbilt!

    This is exciting food news! Food truck row! YEY!!!

  • oh, and there was room for 3 or so more trucks, so hint, hint, hint!

    Midtown lunching is definitely a different world since this food blog first started! Yey for food trucks!

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