Breaking: Rocky Mountain Oysters Spotted on by the Lb. Buffet

Over the past few months I know we’ve been a little heavy in our coverage of Treehaus, the upscale deli on 51st and 3rd with fun sandwiches, a bibimbap bar, a monster burger, and bone marrow and pork belly on their by the pound buffet.  But sometimes it feels like these guys just get us.  And quite frankly, how could we not post this? Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  That’s veal testicles, on a Midtown buffet, for $11/lb.   Over the years we’ve spotted some pretty fun and exciting things on Midtown pay what it weighs buffets (soft shelled crabs anybody?) but I think it’s safe to say that this kind of takes the cake, right?  Anybody get a chance to put these balls in their mouth today?  Let us know how they were in the comments.  And big thanks to Lunch’er Jon for sending along the photo.

 UPDATE: The owner of Treehaus checked in to let us know that due to the holiday there will not be Rocky Mountain oysters on the buffet today… but they will have lamb testicles on Wednesday! (4/3)

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