Siam Inn Shutters; Tom & Toon Retires AYCE Buffet

Siam Inn Shutters

Recently, there have been a few sad changes to the Thai restaurant scene on 51st between Broadway and 8th. First of all, Siam Inn appears like it’s a goner, which is a shame since they seemed to show a lot of promise. At least there’s that new Pad Thai cart a few boulevards over to help fill some of the Thai void.

More alarmingly, Tom & Toon has done away with their low brow but brilliant AYCE Thai buffet. I called the restaurant, and they confirmed that they stopped the AYCE buffet a few months ago as it wasn’t profitable. They’ve replaced the buffet with a smaller line-up of $8 lunch specials and $3 Chang beers between 12pm and 3pm on weekdays. You can view their full menu after the jump.

Tom and Toon

AYCE buffet, you will be dearly missed.

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