Your First Look at Bob & Jo, a New Korean Fusion Truck

Bob & Jo Truck

Another season, another Korean truck launches into the streets of NYC. Last week fellow Lunch’ers Wined and Dined spotted a new Korean food truck, Bob & Jo Korean Fusion Cuisine truck. There are definitely no shortages of Korean food trucks with both Korilla and Kimchi Taco trucks roaming around, so when I heard about Bob & Jo I sort of rolled my eyes a little. (Can’t we get a Japanese curry truck?! ) Since I was in the area, I decided to check this new truck out and ended up pretty glad I did.

Check out the menu and food porn after the jump.

Bob & Jo Truck

Those who are sick of the whole taco thing will be excited to find a taco-free menu of simple and straightforward stuff. Thinking that the sandwiches weren’t going to fill me up, I decided to get a rice platter. Sadly my 1st choice (the bulgogi) and 2nd choice (galbi) were all sold out, so I ended up going with the spicy pork platter ($9).

Bob & Jo Truck

I have to admit my 1st reaction when I opened the box was, “I want more meat for my $9!”  But that all went away with my first delicious bite.

Bob & Jo Truck

Everything tasted so good. The slices of pork were tender, flavorful and the perfect amount of spicy (though if you’re one those people that snack on chili peppers then it may not be enough for you). The lunch came with a little container of fermented bean sauce for added saltiness and it made the rice and pork very very good.

As for the salad, it had a nice light vinaigrette and it was a good balance with the spicy pork and salty fermented bean sauce.

Bob & Jo Truck

My lunch also came with a delicious cup of japchae filled with spinach, carrots and raw red onions.

The only real complaint is that $9 is a little too expensive for the amount of food you get (and I was hungry an hour later.) But considering it was their 2nd day out on the streets, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. (Aka, I’ll be back.)  They’ve spent the past two days (Monday & Friday) parked on Madison and 56th but you should check their Twitter account for today’s locations.

The + (What somebody who likes this would say)

  • I’m tired of bulgogi tacos but bulgogi sandwiches, sure!
  • I like menus that are simple and straightforward.
  • The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked.
  • Fermented bean sauce made what already tasted good even better.

The – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Not another Korean food truck.
  • A little pricey for the amount of food.
  • Wait… they don’t have pork and chicken without spicy sauce?
  • This is not spicy enough, I want my mouth to be on fire.

Bob & Jo, Check their Twitter account for locations.


  • A+ on truck design.

  • Good find! Though a bit pricey. Maybe they’ll learn to toss on a bit more meat.

    On a side note, I can’t say that I’m sick of the Korean taco trucks, since there are only two roaming our island, and it’s on a good day that one’s near me. But I do agree that the hype is getting numbing.

  • Looks like another big d’s. I’ll stick with Big D’s. They at least give harty portions.

    Actually, who am I kidding…if it’s in the neighberhood, I’m sure I’ll be a sucker and try it….

  • I agree with @Pig…although korean fusion is now trendy, I welcome more options. I like Korilla, Kimchi, and Big D. One or two more might ease the lines of all three.
    I’m still a HUGE fan of the bulgogi tacos at Cafe Dukes too.

  • Korilla (x3), KimchiTaco, Big D’s, and now this? as much as I’m a fan of the whole korean “fusion” trend, can we get some variety?

  • Cool! Thanks for the tip.

    “Bob Jo” in korean literally means “give me rice” or “feed me.”

  • I want more meat on that. It looks skimpy.
    I wonder how the galbi and bulgogi are.

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    They don’t update their twitter, so I can’t find their location…

  • The logo on that truck is excellent. Since the line for Korilla is eternally ridiculous, I’m happy to give another business a shot.

  • Yeah that really isn’t a lot of food for $9. They should be charging $7 or $8 at most for that.

    I think I’ll stick to Korilla for now.

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    The food is very good here, although as mentioned above it’s not enough for $9. Also when I went today it took a pretty long time (15 mins?) to get my food. The ordering process was quick but actually getting the food took longer than I’d like from a truck. Overall it’s decent.

  • Just came back from there. Got there around 12:15 no wait, and WOW is there alot of meat on my plate…seriously it weighs like 5 lbs and its all bulgogi! They must be reading this because they definitely stepped it up from the above!!! I’m very satisfied and this is actually MORE meat than what Korilla gives and I love some Korilla!!!

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