Best Bagel Rocks The Roast Beef-Gravy Boat

Menu at Best Bagel & Coffee, NYC

Yes, we treat Korean fried chicken like it’s crack here at Midtown Lunch and track burger developments with CIA-like precision but, really, we’re just people who love lunch hour and trying our best to leave bad Boar’s Head days behind. So when I heard about the “drippingly juicy” roast beef and gravy sandwich from Eating in Translation at Best Bagel & Coffee (W 35th St. btw. 7th+8th), I obviously had to get my hands on it. Growing up in Brooklyn where corner delis abound, I became something of an expert in sliced meat, especially when served hot. So with my highly-trained Good vs. Bad French Dip taste buds, I ventured west to the Garment District to put The Sandwich to the test.

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Wrapped Roast Beef with Gravy at Best Bagel & Coffee, NYC

Bloody, brown, perfectly pink… I’ve had every variation of sliced beef. And every Thanksgiving, you bet I’m wherever it is they dock the gravy boat. I’m also an avid carb consumer so when you combine these three ingredients in one lunch, I’ll be there with my arms wide open for this:

Roast Beef with Gravy at Best Bagel & Coffee, NYC

I can hear you say :”Well, Amy, it looks good, but HOW DID IT TASTE?” Honestly, those pricey restaurant French dip sandwiches could learn a lil’ something from this modest $6.25 roll. You can tell the roll was made fresh that day and I was pleasantly surprised that a bagel place took the time to make it a hundred-layer roast beef sandwich. The 3/4 inch of roast beef was super tender and uniformly hot. I think lunch’ers with more massive appetites will want that extra 1/4 inch, but the sandwich is dense enough to satisfy those who skipped breakfast. There was definitely enough gravy – you won’t wonder if you accidentally ordered a plain roast beef sandwich – and the beef juice was spread evenly on the layers so that it didn’t become soggy. That roll definitely had structural integrity and I bet it would taste just as good as a simple buttered roll.

My only qualm with the whole operation was flavor. I think I’ll grab some pepper packets next time, but that’s because I prefer strong seasoning and spices. But, overall, for a hot sandwich on a block better known for its wholesale mannequins and cheap I Heart NY souvenirs, Best Bagel & Coffee is pretty damn impressive.

Best Bagel & Coffee, 225 W. 35th St. (btw. 7th-8th Aves.) 212-564-4409


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