Go Go Curry Launches Annual Eating Competition

If you have always dreamed of being a competitive eater, and you love Japanese curry, there is finally an event for you. According to The Feedbag, last night was the first open-to-the-public preliminary round of the Go Go Curry Eating Championship.  Don’t worry if you missed it, there will be 7 more qualifying time trial events every five days between now and May 20th.  Qualifiers pay $20 to enter, and will be timed on how long it takes them to eat “two servings of the Original Walk (12oz) that is sold at Go Go Curry” cabbage not included.  The top 5 times across all of the qualifying events will make it to the grand finals on May 30th, which will also be broadcast on the internet.  If you’re interested, all the info is on the Go Go Curry Website- including a long list of pretty amazing rules involving shoveling (it is permitted), forks (they will provide a regulation fork), and vomiting (where you can and can’t do it).

If anybody thinks they have a shot, and wants to be sponsored by Midtown Lunch (UltimateBet style) shoot me an email.  I might be willing to put up the fee for somebody who is willing to paint MidtownLunch.com on the side of their body. [Official Contest Web Page via The Feedbag]

Go Go Curry Hits a Japanese Kare Grand Slam
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  • @ Zach: Apologies about fanning this exchange.

    And I know it wasn’t your intent to demean those Chinese cart guys, and I shouldn’t have brought it up out of context in an attempt bolster my argument. Feel free to drop that comment.

  • @Tom – You better be fast! Mamacita vouches for your ability to put it away, and that will be helpful if you make it to the finals. But the prelims are all about speed. Don’t let us down!

  • if it was for fries…mamacita would win…..with anastasia trying to stab her with a fork.

  • @Zach – I’ll go to Go Go tomorrow to start my training. The prelims run for another month so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

  • Do us proud!

    Zach we need a midtown lunch shirt STAT!!

  • Let’s see :

    30 prelim contestants X 8 trials X $20= $4800.00

    Prize money = $555.00

    Cost of final round food = ?

    Cost of publicity = 0

    Business acumen = priceless

    Crafty mofos

  • I can vouch for Tom’s ability to stuff his fotch like a fat girl sitting at home on prom night. He’s been known to meet us out for dinner, eat two full meals then go home and cook more. We need “Team Tom” shirts.

  • I’ve put down 12000 calories a day, 3 days in a row… that deserves sponsorship no?

  • Beat it Nicholas, they’re isn’t enough room for the two of us. Literally.

  • Ahhh the boys are fighting ;-)

    OK so it’s day one into your GoGo Cury training, how did it go Tom?? Did you take down 2 plates?

  • Err, I slacked off. Went to kim’s aunt’s for fried whiting hero, and treats truck for a pecan bar, pb&j cookie sandwich, and a mexican hot chocolate.

  • Do I need to take you for lunch tomorrow?? Step up your game boy! (LOL)

  • Rudy: The proper term for the French is “surrender monkey.” Just FYI.

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