Measuring Density at Knead Bagels

Knead Bagels opened in November inside the ever-changing deli spot on Walnut Street. The two things I may be most picky about are pickles and bagels. But  once I heard of the enticingly creative bagel flavors like togarashi and porcini, it was time to judge away.

Knead also recently added a lunch menu with  meat and fish bagel sandwiches, but I wanted to be able to really focus on the bagel. I picked the black sesame bagel with roasted tomato cream cheese ($3.50). The bagel was compact and oozing with cream cheese. This was a good thing, because I fully enjoyed the thick and flavorful cream cheese. The bagel though, was too dense for my liking. It just didn’t have the pillowy effect that NY Bagels bring to the table. I didn’t hate eating it. And I only spent a few dollars and wouldn’t mind going back. I just can’t add it to my regular breakfast type food list (its a small list, but would include places like Amy’s and  Grubhouse).

Knead Bagels, 725 Walnut St, 267 519-9920



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