KAMI Food Cart’s Korean Cheesesteaks

Today, Luncher John checks out a new Korean food truck. 

I envy the Drexel University community, which has a vibrant food truck and cart scene in the neighborhood of 33rd Street and Arch Street. Street Food Philly, Spot, and Say Cheese are all food trucks that have made that intersection their home base. I almost wish I was still in college and without a meal plan.

One of the latest to join the outdoor “food court” (as once described by Josh from Spot) is KAMI, a food cart that opened up in early October. Operating a small but visually appealing cart, KAMI (an acronym for Korean American Menu Inspired) offers up street food versions of Korean-style dishes. It has a relatively small menu, but it has the classics (bibimbap, udon noodle stir fry, duk-bap) and does a good job explaining each dish to newcomers to Korean cuisine.

At KAMI, the primary choice is between a dish with rice or noodles or a sandwich. I started off with spicy pork bulgogi duk-bap ($7), which is thinly sliced pork in spicy marinade served over white rice. The pork was cooked with care and had a nice spicy flavor that was not overwhelming. It was good, though I probably should have done a better job mixing up the rice and pork.

The real highlight at KAMI is the cheesesteak. I had the spicy chicken cheesesteak with kimchi and provolone cheese ($7). The kimchi is a $1 addition, but it’s a must-have. The chicken was thinly sliced well-flavored with the marinade, and the sandwich is filled out with mushrooms, onions, chili sauce and other goodies. Yes, it’s a messy sandwich, but most cheesesteaks are.
The taste was a little different, but it was delicious, and I devoured the sandwich.

KAMI is open on the Arch Street side during lunch from Monday through Friday (weather permitting). Be alert for the occasional weekly specials (such as Korean tacos!) that KAMI serves.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Reasonably-priced Korean food.
  • Friendly owner and staff.
  • Terrific spicy chicken cheesesteak.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The duk-bap was not as filling as I hoped.
  • Extra napkins needed for cheesesteak!

KAMI, 33rd and Arch, Monday through Friday for lunch, follow on twitter @KAMI19104


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    That’s a good-looking sandwich! Paesano’s Diavlo aside, I’m not generally a fan of chicken sandwiches. I’d definitely give that one a shot, though.

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