Street Food Philly’s Name Makes Sense Once You Get To Know Them (which you should do)

Today, Luncher John checks out the street food from Street Food Philly’s truck. 

At first impression, Street Food Philly would appear to be a food truck that is plainly named after what it serves: Philadelphia street food. Upon a closer examination of its menu and taste of its food, you find out that the simple name belies the tasty and innovative offerings.

First hitting the streets in August 2012, Street Food Philly is the food truck concept of two experienced chefs, Michael Sultan and Carolyn Nguyen. Their aim is to take basic street food items and add their own unique touches. For instance, instead of a run-of-the-mill burger, Street Food may serve a dry aged burger that’s sourced locally and topped with Cooper American Cheese and aioli sauce. Sometimes, instead of a regular roll, the burger will be served on a pretzel burger roll. [Ed. Note: this burger is PERFECTION]

Nothing could be more Philadelphia than a cheesesteak, right? Well, Street Food offers up Brisket Cheesesteak Tacos ($7.00), with cheddar cheese sauce, sautéed onions and ketchup. It’s a bold approach to the traditional sandwich. The meat, while tasty, was a tad bit tough and could have been a little more tender. With the ketchup and melted cheddar cheese, each taco was also messy to eat. Then again, so are a lot of cheesesteaks ordered with Cheese Whiz.

Street Food’s menu isn’t limited to food commonly found from Philadelphia food trucks. The truck offers a credible version of a Vietnamese Banh Mi Hoagie ($7.00), served with roast pork, pickled carrots, pâté, daikon, jalapeños and cilantro. At first appearance, the banh mi seems a little sparse on the vegetables and heavy on the meat. In actuality, the veggies are laid down on the bread first and hidden underneath the good quality pork. It takes a few bites, but you can taste the pickled carrots and daikon flavor, and the jalapeños add just enough spiciness.

My dessert selection was a salted fudge brownie ($3.00). While the price may be steep for a brownie, it’s certainly a large chunk. While it’s not the softest brownie, it had an amazing fudge flavor that lingers, and the sea salt perfectly cuts through with a contrasting taste.

Street Food’s regular spot is at 33rd and Arch from Tuesday through Friday. The menu features weekly specials that are sprinkled in with the regular items, so you can find something different each week. Given Street Food’s skilled chefs, the weekly innovative offerings should be worth sampling.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Unique touches to traditional street food fare from around the world
  • Weekly special along with some regular menu selections
  • A big brownie with big flavor

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Brisket cheesesteak tacos could have been more tender
  • The brownie was a little expensive

Street Food Philly, 33rd and Arch St., Tuesday through Friday


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