Archie’s Mexican Cuisine for Chilaquiles, Tortas, and Fresh Watermelon Juice

I had remembered being amused at the wording of Archie’s menu when Meal Ticket posted about its opening in February. “Meet”,” beacon”, a “docen” chicken wings, or “eggs in you choice” are all things you can order. But, as it turns out, the fresh Mexican plates are nothing to laugh about.

Where tacos and tortas are on the menu, you might expect the usual chips and salsa. Instead, homemade potato chips and hot sauce came out as we ordered. We finished them all.

It is worth asking if there are any fresh juices, though they are not listed on the menu. My curiosity was rewarded with a frothy glass of watermelon juice. Thats “sandia” in Spanish, remember that word.

I was really happy with the giant plate of chilaquilas verdes with shredded chicken and beans.  The tangy green sauce covering the pieces of shredded tortilla was the best part.

With 6 types of sandwiches and only 2 types of tacos on the menu, the sandwiches must be the speciality. The chicken mole was the recommended torta. A whole lot of chicken, plus cheese, tomato, and avocado filled the roll for a reasonable $6 .

While eating, a fellow in a rush came by to place a big order. He was told that it might take some time to fill that order because everything is made fresh. And at the end of the meal the nice owner (Archie?) wanted to make sure we enjoyed everything. You have to appreciate the level of care, and it shows in the food.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Breakfast foods are on the menu along with Mexican lunch options
  • Everything is generously sized
  • I think spelling errors on menus are cute

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Spelling errors on menus make me made
Archie’s, 1030 S 8th St, 215 925 1705



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