Viet Tofu, Philly’s Tofu Version of a Candy Store

A long time ago Mac and Cheese mentioned a place on Washington Ave that made their own tofu. With all the soy varieties, Viet Tofu is like a a tofu candy store. I finally sought it out and it will now be a regular stop whenever I am in the area.

Every section of the space is filled with snacks. Some savory, some sweet, some in drink form,some solid, some wiggly,  some that I could identify, and many that I could not.

The counter of warmed tofu items is overwhelming. There is so much to choose from and none of the descriptions are in English.

I had to go with what looked good to me. The spring roll was decent, but the little shrimp muffin (SHRIMP MUFFINS!) below it was more interesting (and cute).  That brown circle  in the middle was mildly seasoned and had a layer of tofu skin around it, but I really don’t even know what I was eating. I saw a whole lot of customers piling those tofu blocks, from the left hand side, into their boxes, so I had to add some to mine. They go for 5 for $1. I am glad I trusted those who knew what they were doing, because those unassuming cubes had a lot of flavor. The tofu is infused with lemongrass and hot peppers. Mac and Cheese also approves.

At the counter, grab a fried banana or a shrimp toast, a deep fried piece of bread with a whole shrimp melded to it. Both are very delicious once heated up.

Viet Tofu also offers the cheapest summer roll I have seen around town. 2 shrimpy  rolls and their peanut sauce for a mere $2.50.

In fact, my entire haul plus a block of their fresh tofu cost me under $10.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Lots of new snacks for cheap
  • Vegetarian and meat filled options

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • There are no English labels to tell me what I am eating
  • It is hard to know what is vegetarian and what items contain meat or seafood

Viet Tofu, 1110 Washington Ave, 215 339-0388


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