What is a Vietnamese Crepe?

There are so many restaurants on Washington Ave. I want to get to know them all. I want to know what each does best. Nam Phuong was on this list. The restaurant is large and busy. Its size and fun menu makes it accommodating for everyone- couples, friends, groups of drunks, groups of hangover cure seekers, coworkers… as long as you are a fan of soup and noodles.

Browsing the many pages of the menu, I was intrigued by the Vietnamese Crepe ($6.50) right on the first page under appetizers. I had never tried one before so I had to have it.

The crepe was massive, I wasn’t expecting that. The thin savory crepe was made from eggs and was studded with whole shrimp. I enjoyed the mild shrimp and scallion flavor throughout. The inside is filled with mung beans, nothing special there. I guess they take on the supporting role to the more memorable tasty crepe-kind of like the Carlton Banks to his Will Smith. Mint leaves, cucumbers, and a sweet chili sauce were served with it.

And while we’re here… a bowl of pho. Flank and steak for me ($5.75), I do not love the texture of tendon or tripe in my soup. The requisite giant bowl came with the requisite mung beans, lime, thai basil, and your pick of the tables spicy sauces. I didn’t add too much, the fragrant flavor of the broth on its own was what I was in the mood for anyway. It was a large enough portion that I had leftovers. How many other under $6 dishes can do that?

I love when Asian restaurants have random bar menus. At Nam Phuong, a whole slew of alcoholic beverages are available, and they are really cheap too. I got caught up in the moment and heard myself order a Tanqueray martini. It was really strong! And only $5.50. Gin martinis and pho, maybe I am on to something?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I can never say no to a giant bowl of pho (see what I did there?)
  • Vietnamese crepe? I love trying new things
  • Pages and pages of Vietnamese dishes to chose from
  • Fully stocked bar

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The random decorations and window treatments need a good dusting

Nam Phuong, 1110 Washington Ave (@ 11th St), 215 468-0410


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