National Mechanics Burger Show Down: Will I be a Veggie Burger Convert?

I won’t lie, I have hit up National Mechanics for a late night dance party or two. And maybe while cutting a rug I thought to myself, “but how is the food?” National Mechanics claims to have the best veggie burger in the world. I love vegetables, but I can’t remember the last time I had a veggie burger. But with a claim like that, I’m game. But will it really win me over and make me not miss the beef?

The reg burger was just that- no frills, lettuce, tomato, onion- with cheese if you asked for it. It happened to be nicely done, it was thick and evenly cooked and tasted like a really good version of a plain hamburger. I like that it wasn’t trying to be anything other than a burger.

An extra $2 will exchange your steak fries for delicious sweet potato fries.

So I have to say, the veggie burger was pretty damn good. It tasted fresh; the carrot flavor stood out. It had enough flavor that I really didn’t need ketchup or any other condiment.  It seems like vegetables are shredded and then mushed together, so it retains a pleasant texture- I am glad it it wasn’t pureed. This is such a better burger substitute over any kind of mock meat patty. And I was full but  didn’t feel weighed down after eating it. But… if National Mechanics really wanted to completely convert me… they would need to cover it in cheese and deep fry it!

Both burgers were $9. With either burger choice, don’t forget to pair it with a selection from the many beers National Mechanics has on tap.

National Mechanics, 22 S. 3rd St (@ Chestnut St), 215 701 4883



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