Lavender Tea, New Snacks, and New Waffle Fillings from Yummy Yummy

It had been a while since my last visit to Yummy Yummy, the tiny snack shop in Chinatown. I was happy to find that they had made some additions to their menu in every category: dim sum, waffle, pudding, tea- the main groups of the food pyramid…

New dumplings, buns, turnip cake, and spring rolls are now available. They are kept out under plastic protectors; I questioned the freshness but  didn’t let that stop me. The chive buns looked best to me-not very greasy and  probably the safest since it wasn’t full of meat. (These were the doughy kind, not to be confused with the greasier version from my last visit) The buns reheated well and I enjoyed the fresh chive taste.

Rice noodle wrappers are also a new addition. They come with various toppings that didn’t appeal to me personally, so I passed.

Between the mango and green tea pudding, the green tea was recommended to me. Once you dip your spoon in and mix it up, the pudding looks far from pretty but I loved the bitter green tea taste contrasted with the sweet syrup on the bottom. This is a unique and refreshing dessert.

Last visit only the original and green tea white chocolate were available for the made to order Chinese waffles. Now you can have your waffles stuffed with chocolate or oreo. The problem with the nature of made to order here is that the goodness of the waffles is inconsistent. Last visit, it was made better.

I snagged a beverage on my way out- LAVENDER milk tea. How awesome is that? You will either love this or hate this, not everyone can handle lavender beyond just smelling it. Like the green tea pudding, I thought it was unique and pleasant surprise.

Yummy Yummy, 52 N 10th  St (btw Filbert & Arch St), 215-625-9188


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