A Country Loft on Top of a Center City Deli?

Ok, country loft might be a huge exaggeration but Pastrami and Things brings more to the table than the average deli, with one major perk being the random, decorated dining area up the stairs.

What it looked like, and what I ate (hint: it may be in the restaurant’s name) after the jump…

All it takes is some unexpected framed art, vases, a wooden staircase, and pleasant wall colors to separate you from your deli peers.  Plus the upstairs air conditioning is on blast. It is nice not being on top of the cash register  or customers rushing about.  Up here, you can lunch in peace.


Downstairs, there are a ton of lunch combo options. Most sandwich combos come with a pickle, a side, and a drink. Also, most can be had as a half sandwich or a whole. Naturally, I got the pastrami sandwich- whole- on marble rye. The lightly toasted marble rye was a very awesome addition to the sandwich. You can’t find that everywhere. The pastrami is probably as good as it gets for a small non-Jewish style deli. Not as good as 4ths or Kibbitz room, but very enjoyable to eat. I was expecting a bigger sandwich for the almost $9 combo. I was hoping for something so big I couldn’t even finish. Not the case, I ate every last bite.

The pickle got my seal of approval. I also was pleased with the giant sized unsweetened iced tea that came with the combo. Very needed in this heat. The potato pancakes that I ordered as my side were more like fried mashed potato bites. Not what I was expecting, but greasy fried potato things are always delicious.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Many options for sandwiches prepared for you quickly
  • The chill upstairs area is a great place to eat lunch out of the heat

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I want a bigger sandwich for $9
  • Get your orders right, please. An order for a buffalo chicken wrap came out as honey mustard instead

Pastrami and Things, 24 S 18th St (btw Chestnut and Market St), 215 567 6261



  • Looks like delicious pastrami, though I’m having a little difficulty being able to tell how big or small the sandwich is with nothing to compare it against.

  • Big enough that I was completely full, I was just hoping for leftovers. Usually I can’t finish my huge deli sandwiches, but I guess those super big ones usually cost over $10. Good pastrami and corned beef are damn expensive.

  • Maybe you should consider zooming out a little on those pics…
    Except for the one with the nice ass in it. That you should probably zoom in on.

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