Giant Matzo Ball from Famous 4th St Deli

For a more traditional Passover lunch, it had to be Famous 4th Street Deli. Famous 4th’s is known for their Jewish specialties, including enormous sandwiches, smoked fish, and soup. The original location  on 4th and Bainbridge opened in the 1920′s, but a new location conveniently opened this year in Rittenhouse Square.

I walked away from here suspecting that back in the day, someone’s grandma helped out creating the solid recipes that they still use daily.

This bowl of soup was HUGE. And the matzah ball in the middle was… HUGE. I tend not to order matzah ball soup in restaurants because I am always disappointed; there will never be any better than my mother’s. That being said,  I was pretty much in shock at how good this soup was. The chicken broth had the right chicken/carrot/dill essence and moist pieces of chicken. The matzah ball is about the size of a baseball, so I figured it would be about as dense as one. Not the case- somehow they managed to still keep it light.  The soup is filling enough to make a lunch on its own.

Now, there was one big issue with the soup that is visible in the picture- the bowties… not ok for Passover, if this matters make sure to ask them to leave them out.

Had to miss out on Famous’ famous corned beef special because of the bread. The special included Russian dressing, coleslaw and the house- cured corned beef. It is quite the sandwich, enough meat for two meals.  I even found myself really enjoying the accompanying potato pancakes, again, they have some solid recipes in their kitchen.

I managed to make my own corned beef “special”

Deli meat is available by the pound.  It is rather expensive- almost $20 a pound. But sometimes you gotta treat yourself to the good stuff. Does this matzah corned beef sandwich tempt you as much as the real corned beef special? Doubt it. But it got the job done.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • The chicken soup and matzah ball is soup is actually legit
  • Monster sandwiches filled with house-cured or smoked meat that will last you two meals
  • All the extras you would want in a Jewish Deli are there- Dr. Browns soda, pickles at the table, and old school deli decor

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Mom’s/grandma’s is always better
  • Oops! Pasta in my soup during Passover is a no-no!

Famous 4th St Deli, 38 S 19th St (@  Chestnut St), 215-568-3271



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