Mini Pastries at Trading Co.

I finally caved and tried the cute little pastries at Garces Trading Co. They are sold as $6 for a 1/2 dozen, you can’t fool me, Garces- I know that means $1 for each tiny 2 bite pastry. But I had to have them, they were staring at me with there littleness and colorfulness and begging for me to try them all.¬† Fresh ones were retrieved from the back and then packed up neatly in a brown¬† box for me, which got me thinking that this would be a nice thing to bring to a dinner party. Or I could just eat them all myself.

I liked the fluffy cake- like Madeleine that had a hint of lemon and a pleasantly sticky outside. I enjoyed it more than the financier, which didn’t really stand out at all.

The cannelle was the one I was most excited to try. The density of the moist inside was perfect and it tasted like a refined bread pudding with a little bit of a burnt taste that worked well with the sweetness.

My absolute favorite was the salted caramel macaroon. The filling was rich and delicious, but had less of a salty zing that I expected. The smooth texture of the filling with the subtle crunch of the shell makes it fun to eat. This flavor was more refined then the white chocolate mint macaroon, which just tasted like mint.

So treat yourself to some Garces treats and stick with the salted caramarel macaroon, the cannelle, and the Madelaine.

Garces Trading Company, 1111 Locust St (btw 11th and 12th St.), 215-574-1099


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