$6 Eggplant Parm Over at Gusto

Gusto is a small, 8 year old BYO located on a pretty block west of Rittenhouse Sq. It is a few notches above a regular pizzeria. They have one little outdoor table and a handful inside. Though I hear they do a nice job with pizza, they don’t do slices, making them not eligible for Pizza Thursday. I was in the mood for parm anyway, so I tried out both the chicken and the eggplant version, and while both make for a great, cheap/fast lunch, the eggplant parmigiana was my favorite.

The first glaring thing to note about the chicken parm is that it is made with grilled chicken pieces instead of fried chicken cutlet. So this could either be a happy alternative to that fried stuff your doctor warned you about or it could be disappointing. I didn’t find myself completely missing the fried element. The addition of sharp provolone gave me something else to focus on. The bread used in both sandwiches is a delicious toasted sesame, perfect for absorbing the tomato sauce and holding up to it.

Also, if you really really require the friedness- a chicken finger parm is available.

Alas, it was in fact the fried stuff that captured my heart on this visit. The thin slices of perfectly breaded eggplant are the winner for me. Having the eggplant in slice form rather than careless blobs is more refined.  The eggplant was sweet without any hint of bitterness, nice job. The eggplant parm comes with mozz instead of provolone, which complements the eggplant better. On both sandwiches, Gusto does not skimp on the cheese.

Both sandwiches are only $6 each and they are pretty big. Students get 10% off with IDs and their website has some solid coupon action including 50% off your second sandwich, check it out.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Cuter than the average pizzeria
  • The grilled chicken parm is a good alternative to fried cutlet parm
  • The thin slices of eggplant make for a great eggplant parm and it’s only $6
  • Coupon offers bring the prices even lower

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I want my cheese covered fried chicken cutlet!
  • Cash only

Gusto, 240 S 22nd St (@ Locust St), 215-546-7200



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