The Sandwich Specialists at Jean’s Cafe

Jean’s Cafe is an unassuming spot for freshly made sandwiches of quality ingredients. I can’t quite decide whether the menu is adorable, crazy, or slightly irritating, but with spelling errors and items such as “Cheesy Coo Coo Steaky Hog ,” (that translates to chicken cheesesteak)  it will at least entertain you while you wait for your order. I went with The Gobler, a large sandwich with Boar’s Head sliced smoked turkey breast, melted Swiss, bacon, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing served warm. Look how big it is! Check out The Gobler unwrapped, after the jump…

It was the bacon and coleslaw that tempted me most into choosing this one. Though I am a life long bacon lover, I will readily admit there is such a thing as bad bacon. Bacon is a decent litmus test for any quality sandwich joint; is it a useless piece of grisly fat or is it a salty crisp piece of heaven? Well luckily the bacon in Jean’s Gobbler is pretty close to what would come from your frying pan on a Sunday morning. Its not a fancy sandwich, but its prepared well. Nothing tastes like its been sitting out for hours. I would imagine their many other sandwich choices are also a few notches above the average deli.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I like big sandwiches stuffed with items I can identify. No mystery meat!
  • The staff is so friendly!
  • Their bacon is crispy but not burnt.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I don’t love shredded lettuce.
  • Grammar and spelling error infuriate me, even if done purposefully.
  • Cash only for orders under $5.

Jean’s Cafe, 1334 Walnut St (btw. Broad. + 13 St.), 215-546-5353



  • Turkey Sandwich = Boring

    Turkey Sandwich topped with swiss, coleslaw (on the sandwich), bacon, and russian dressing = AMAZING!

    Well done

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    mmmmm bacon. I think I know what I’m having for lunch today.

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    Jean’s manages to suck the taste out of the sandwiches. That said, I still do occasionally get a turkey club there. Go down the street to Citi Marketplace and check out their stuff. I get a veggie-sausage egg and cheese on Metropolitan Bakery bread sometimes. And then for lunch go in and ask for the “Ryan Melt.” It’s a chicken salad on rye with american cheese melt that, when drizzled with Sriracha, is amazing.

    Or, better yet, get to Old Nelson, around the corner on 13th just north of Chestnut. Those guys know their way around a sandwich.

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    p.s. we order that chicken salad sandwich so much that they know it by the name Ryan, my coworker who first got it.

  • @matt, I have been to Citi Market place and agree they make a good sandwich as well.

    But in defense of the Gobler- Boar’s Head turkey+ Bacon+ Russian dressing = no possible way that flavor could be missing! Its just basic math.

  • Looks yummy Jamie, don’t forget to let us know where these places are located in your write-up though

  • @mwiston, addresses are on the bottom of each post. :-)

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