Sushi Tsujita’s Limited Lunchtime Special is the Best in L.A. Right Now (And They’ve Got One of Those Crazy Japanese Toilets!)


If you are as much of a cheap bastard as me, you’d be forgiven for ignoring the opening of Sushi Tsujita on Sawtelle a few months back.  Early word was that the ramen and tsukemen specialists had opened a high end, omakase only sushi spot specializing in “classic emomae sushi” (whatever that means. I’m still not exactly sure.)  But the important info that you may have missed is that there’s a lunch special! And the even more important info, is that it’s pretty much the best sushi lunch special in Los Angeles right now.

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ChocoChicken Hears Our Cry: Back in July I had an entire conversation with myself about ChocoChicken, the new Umami Burger-related chocolate chicken concept that opened in DTLA. Well, apparently somebody was listening because they got rid of pretty much everything but the chicken this week. Check out the new menu over on Eater.


Commissary Open For Lunch; POT Unveils New Lunch Menu

Exciting news for fans of lunch and Roy Choi’s The Line Hotel in the heart of K-Town.  Commissary, the new in-a-greenhouse-on-the-2nd-floor-by-the-pool restaurant w/ a veggie friendly menu, is now open for lunch.  The menu, which forces you to decide what you want based on clip art drawings of single ingredients, is the same as the dinner menu- but there are some lunch friendly items that keep things close to $10.  Like the $6 grilled cheese sandwich (outtakes from Chef anybody?), a $12 burger, and the (might be in the running for best) french dip (in the city) shown above. It’s also $12, but the fries are $3 extra.  Of course good luck trying not to order the roasted carrots, the corn, or the figs.

For something a little bit cheaper, you’ll want to head back down to the lobby- because POT has just unveiled a new lunch menu that launches a week from today (Friday, September 26th).  Spoiler: it involved stone pot bibimbap.

Check it out below.

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Fukurou Replaces Krua Siri With Best Ramen Deal of All Time


Bad news for fans of Krua Siri’s catfish laab and papaya salad. The 3 year old Thai Town dive with the hidden Issan menu closed a few months back.  The good news is, it’s been replaced by an equally divey new ramenya, serving up a small menu of Japanese noodle soups and sides for ridiculously low prices.  There’s a tonkotsu ramen, a miso ramen, and a shio ramen with a pat of sea salt butter, all for $7.50.  But the really crazy deal is their combo.

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Relive The Taste’s Opening Night Party on Food is the New Rock

If you went to L.A. Times’ The Taste this weekend, or just want to live vicariously through us, the episode of Food is the New Rock we recorded at the opening night party is now up on iTunes!  Matt Mira (Nerdist, @Midnight) and singer Michelle Branch joined us as impromptu guest hosts as we talked to a stream of L.A. food, music and comedy personalities like Andy Milonakis, Ray Suen (from Childish Gambino’s band), Chefs David Levefre and Bruce Kalman, and L.A. Times Food Editor Russ Parsons- who stole the show with his stories about Muddy Waters and Buddy Holly’s mom.  You can stream it here now, or download it for free on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Speaking Truth to Powah: Why L.A. Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About Dunkin’ Donuts

People of Los Angeles! At the risk of having my honorary Boston citizenship revoked (I lived there from 1994-2003), I have a warning for you all. Each and every one of you. Some of you. A handful of you. The few of you who might be super excited about the long awaited arrival of our very first Dunkin Donuts. You might want to curb your enthusiasm, just a tad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of excited to have Dunkin Donuts in Los Angeles, and in 2003 when I first moved here from Boston I would have actually killed for it. But it’s not 2003 anymore. And unless you are from the east coast, and know exactly what it is you’re getting excited for, you’re going to want to lower your expectations before heading over to the DD opening in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

So why exactly are people getting excited and why should you not be one of those people? I ask and answer all those questions, after the jump.

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Who’s Joining Me (and Food is the New Rock) at The Taste This Weekend!

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles this weekend, come hang at L.A. Times’ The Taste!  Food is the New Rock will be podcasting from a booth tonight at the Opening Night Party with old and new chef and musician friends… so stop by and say hi.  But if not tonight, there’s tons of other events throughout the weekend worth checking out.  Go here for all the details>>