Sincere Apologies to Apple Pan…


I was asked to be one of the judges in L.A. Weekly’s Burger Bracket and ended up drawing Apple Pan vs. Pie n Burger. Went to both  around July 4th weekend and while I know that Apple Pan has a ton of fans, I really think Pie N Burger makes a better burger. (And before you shit on me, go to each and try a plain cheeseburger with nothing else on it.)

Next up: Pie N Burger vs. Father’s Office.  Anyone care to chime in?  This could actually be a tougher one than it appears on paper…



  • Still disagree with you. Did you do Apple Pan the same favor and just have it was sauce, meat and cheese? The last two experiences I had at Pie N’ Burger were subpar. Maybe it’s a consistency thing. In the end, they’re both great, I just prefer on over the other.

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    I guess for me, if I’m never going to order one of their burgers without the sauce and cheese it doesn’t matter a whole lot if it’s kind of bland that way. In-N-Out also isn’t too great when you order it plain, but I don’t like them less because of it.

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