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Lunch’er Esther Hits Up School Food: Check it out!  Freelance writer, pro surfer, and Profiled L.A. Lunch'er "Esther Hahn" reviewed K-Town's School Food Blooming Roll on Squid Ink today. According to her it's not as good as the original Korean locations- but just looking at her photos is putting me in the mood for another go at the gigantor plate of kimbap we tried there back in May.

School Food Serves Up a Korean Sushi Spectacle


The proof that I love Korean food can be traced back to day one of Midtown Lunch.  When I launched the site four years ago in NYC, I extended the boundaries of “Midtown” a few extra blocks specifically so I would have an excuse to stuff my face in Manhattan’s Koreatown (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th).  I love it all- from Korean BBQ to Korean fried chicken (natch), bi bim bap to kal gook soo (knife cut noodles), jjajangmyeon (Korean/Chinese food) to kimbap (Korean sushi).  But the one thing I haven’t come around to is the modern Korean fast food chain.

If you’ve ever eaten in Kyochon, you know what I’m talking about.  I love the chicken- but the cheesy music, spotless decor, and shiny white walls with inspirational sayings I could do without. With crappy frozen yogurt I suppose it makes sense, but when it comes to Korean lunch I’d choose the atmosphere of Myung Dong Kyoja over Isaac Toast every time. But Midtown Lunch isn’t about decor. It’s about food. So when I heard that School Food, a popular Korean chain that specializes in kimbap and topokki, opened a location in Koreatown- I couldn’t help myself.

And after trying their giant combination roll platter for 3, I’m kind of glad I did. Bad decor and all.

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