Isaac Toast is the Cure For Your Turkey Sandwich Blues


I don’t like turkey sandwiches.  Is that crazy?  Don’t get me wrong… freshly roasted turkey topped with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy is one of the greatest sandwiches of all time.  But Boar’s Head roast turkey on a roll with lettuce, tomato, and mustard?  Meh.  In fact, this site was founded pretty much entirely on my desire to find an alternative to boring turkey sandwiches (and salads.)  But what about a Korean twist on the turkey sandwich?  I do love Korean food.  And they did wonders with fried chicken.  Could they possibly make a turkey sandwich on white bread palatable?  2000 locations of Isaac Toast in Korea would say yes… and the first U.S. location opened in Westwood a few months ago.

What exactly is this “toast” craziness?


As much as I love Korean fried chicken and tolerate Red Mango (sorry Pinkberry, you suck) I’m not completely sold on these “American Style” white bread sandwiches that are popular in various Asian countries.  It’s not like the white bread sandwich is a boy band.  Did it really need to go to Asia to become popular, before being sent back to the US in a slightly altered form to break big?  That’s a no.  But if you like turkey sandwiches, and you work in Westwood, maybe you’re ready for a change.  And Isaac Toast is ready to give it to you.


I think because “toast” is in the name, I expected the bread to be the defining element of these sandwiches.  Nope.  It’s just regular grocery store bought white bread and wheat bread.  But what they put inside is kind of different.


The “Isaac Original” ($2.55) is their most basic creation.  Egg + ham + special sauce.  For 20 cents extra you can add cabbage, and for 50 cents they’ll add cheese (has to be done, obviously.)  Egg comes in pretty much all of their sandwiches (bonus!) and the special sauce is this kind of sweet and sour salad dressing kind of concoction that is good- if you like really sweet sauces. (It’s kind of similar to Thai sweet chili sauce… just without the chili.)   It was mind blowing, but for only $2.75 it’s the kind of thing I could imagine eating for breakfast every day, along with a cup of their pre sweetened, super delicious Korean coffee.  But for lunch you need something more substantial.


That’s where the veggies come in.  The sandwiches also have egg, special sauce, and your choice of protein (bacon, ham, turkey or spicy chicken breast) plus a ton of fresh cut veggies (green and red peppers, uncooked mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, cabbage and alfalfa.)  I don’t love veggies, but the raw mushrooms and cabbage made it unique- so I was kind of down with it.  I know turkey is what we were there for, but we couldn’t resist trying the spicy chicken.  It was far better than the ham… not just because it was more substantial, but because the spiciness of the chicken cut into the sweetness of the sauce a bit.  Next time I’ll probably try the bacon.  I could see the salty and the smokey mixing even better with that super sweet special sauce.

Is this a sandwich to get super excited about?  Not for me it isn’t… but healthy and “clean” sandwiches aren’t my thing.  That being said, if you work in Westwood and the thought of hitting up Jersey Mike’s for the millionth time makes you completely bored out of your skull… you will be super excited to find Isaac Toast.  About as excited as I was to discover Kyochon.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I love regular sliced bread that’s been toasted. Is there anything better?
  • I work in Westwood, and I love sandwiches… but I’m so bored with all the options
  • Mmmm… sickly sweet “special sauce”
  • I love a ton of fresh veggies on my sandwich, but I’m bored with the lettuce and tomato thing.
  • What’s better than egg on a sandwich?  Nothing, that’s what!
  • Forget about lunch… this is my new favorite breakfast spot

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Sorry, sliced bread sandwiches aren’t my thing.  I need something bigger.  And less healthy.  And less boring.
  • Ooof… that sauce is way to sweet. (I believe the term is cloying.)
  • The egg is just some weird microwaved fast food thing.  Give me a freshly fried egg or give me death!
  • I don’t work in Westwood, and this is definitely not worth the drive

Isaac Toast, 10887 Weyburn Ave. (nr. Westwood Blvd.), 310-208-5851


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