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Sak’s Teriyaki is a Zillion Times Better Than I Expected (and My New Favorite Westwood Lunch)

Los Angeles - Sak's Teriyaki

Westwood has no shortage of teriyaki.  Whether it’s for the office workers on Wilshire, or the students of UCLA, if you want some cheap chicken covered in a sweet and goopy Japanese(ish) sauce, you are totally in luck in this part of town.  San Sai and California Teriyaki Bowl are the most visible in the heart of Westwood Village, but for the old school anti-chain hole in the wall Midtown Lunch seekers there is only one option: Sak’s Teriyaki!  I first heard of this place back in April, when Lunch’er Steve recommended it as not great, but “a great Midtown Lunch”.

I finally made it to Sak’s yesterday, and I don’t know if it was the low expectations or what- but great is precisely the word I would choose to describe it!

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Sak’s Teriyaki Isn’t Great, But It’s a Great “Midtown Lunch”

Sak's Teriyaki

Got this email from Lunch’er “Steve” the other day:

Hello Zach,

Ive enjoyed reading about your LA food adventures. I read in today’s post that your wife works in Westwood, which makes me think you have to try Sak’s Teriyaki, if you haven’t already.

Is it great? No. Is it a great midtown lunch? Yes. It’s sort of cavernously hidden in Westwood and is a UCLA institution. It’s a sort of like Mall Chinese food filtered through Japan.

So, what do you recommend I order?

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