Sak’s Teriyaki Isn’t Great, But It’s a Great “Midtown Lunch”

Sak's Teriyaki

Got this email from Lunch’er “Steve” the other day:

Hello Zach,

Ive enjoyed reading about your LA food adventures. I read in today’s post that your wife works in Westwood, which makes me think you have to try Sak’s Teriyaki, if you haven’t already.

Is it great? No. Is it a great midtown lunch? Yes. It’s sort of cavernously hidden in Westwood and is a UCLA institution. It’s a sort of like Mall Chinese food filtered through Japan.

So, what do you recommend I order?

I don’t know if I’ve ever ordered anything other than the spicy chicken, which I paid for in lint-clad laundry change, the currency of college students everywhere. It’s fried dark meat chicken pieces, just touched by a divine wind of Japanese seasoning. Even if you don’t like it that much it’s super cheap.

Hope you don’t have to go to rehab for Saks addiction. Enjoy LA.

Oh Steve… you know me so well. That sounds awesome, and the fact that it’s hidden in some weird Westwood courtyard makes it that much better. I know there must be some closeted Sak’s fans out there slaving away on Wilshire. What’s your favorite thing to order?

Sak’s Teriyaki, 1121 Glendon Ave. (just North of Wilshire), 310-208-2002


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