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Pig’s Feet Under Wraps Everything in Scallion Pancakes!


Do you think a person can get eyeball fatigue from rolling their eyes too much?  Because if you can, then I think I do.  And if I had to guess what one thing contributed most to giving me this horrible affliction, it’d have to be food trucks. Of all the things that annoy me about lunching in L.A. (and there are a lot) food trucks reign supreme. It’s not that I hate food trucks, in fact it’s quite the opposite. If I hated them I could just stop going. Problem solved. The issue is I kind of love them, and as the revolving door of bad business decisions food trucks continues to turn round and round I just can’t stop from trying every new one that hits the scene.

My eyes started twitching at the very first site of this new truck.  Pig’s Feet Under?!  Really?  Just what we need, ANOTHER pork-centric food truck.  And if the name wasn’t enough, their website sent my face balls into full rotation:

The Pig’s Feet Under truck was an “oink” of an idea that came about at a food truck festival, of all places! The lack of pork on many of these trucks drove one particular chef nuts- well, more than he usually is anyways. So, he decided to devote a truck to the animal he loves eating so dearly.

Are you kidding with this shit? Flying Pig. Lardon. Bacon Mania.  Somebody needs to tell these guys that the pork wars have already been fought in L.A. and chicken won. This idea isn’t new.  But whatever. Forget about the pork, or the dumb name, or the pork. Also, forget about the dumb name. All you have to know about this truck is that they wrap everything in scallion pancakes…

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