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Behold! The Panda Express Innovation Kitchen Burrito…


If you haven’t heard, Pasadena is now home to the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen, an open to the public incubator that is serving the one thing Asian wrap loving fatties have always dreamed of: a Panda Express burrito. There are also salads and rice bowls (ala Chipotle’s Shophouse) but you’re not going to bother with that. What you are going to bother with is a scallion dotted mooshu pancake wrapped around orange chicken, rice, chow mein and whatever else you see fit to stuff in there.


You’re going to take a bite, shed a tear, and then get to work on figuring out how we can convince Panda Express to not only serve these at every one of their locations, but also offer the option of having them deep fried. (Orange Chicken egg roll chimichanga FTW!)

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We’ll Take a Second Slaw Dogs!


Yesterday Eater reported that Pasadena’s Slaw Dogs was scouting locations for a second branch.  Might we suggest anywhere between Downtown L.A. and Santa Monica!  Slaw Dogs might not have been the SoCal version of Hot Doug’s I was hoping for, but I did enjoy their Thai Slaw Dog (and it’s one of the few ways you’ll see me eating that much “salad” during lunch!)

Check it out after the jump…

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Forget Dinner, Tibet Nepal House’s AYCE Buffet is Where Its At


“There’s no Midtown in Los Angeles!” is something I’ve been hearing a lot of these days. Yes, I get it. There is no Midtown here. What am I going to do? How will this even work? The short answer is this… my fatness knows no boundaries! And rather than focus on a specific area of Los Angeles, I’ll just try and find “Midtown Lunch’ish” spots- wherever they may be. (In other words, I plan on being a fatso all across this great city.) Not everything will be some amazing destination, that you’d travel across the city for. But if one of these places is around the corner from your office, it’s far better than another boring lunch at Subway!

I’ve been spending a lot of time Downtown, on Miracle Mile, and in Westwood, with a few excursions into Thai Town and one great lunch in North Hollywood. But yesterday’s profiled lunch’er put me in the mood for some Pasadena action. So when Javier (aka the Teenage Glutster) invited me to have lunch with him in Pasadena yesterday I jumped at the opportunity. A Tibetan all you can eat buffet? Yes please!

“We could also do Thai or Indian or…” Let me stop you right there Glutster. I… want… Tibetan… buffet.

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