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Watch Me “Gimmick Test” an Orange Chicken Burrito For Zagat

If you read my post about Panda Express Innovation Kitchen last year and thought “Man, I would have loved to see Zach go to town on one of those!” then you’re a very strange person.  But you’re also in luck!  Zagat just launched a new video series titled “Gimmick Testing” starring Lesley Balla and yours truly, and the first episode is… you guessed it… Panda Innovation Kitchen.  Warning: there are slow motion shots of me shoving an orange chicken burrito into my fat face.  Future episodes will feature Lesley and I eating at Choco Chicken, Donut Friend, The Escondite, and more.

Behold! The Panda Express Innovation Kitchen Burrito…


If you haven’t heard, Pasadena is now home to the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen, an open to the public incubator that is serving the one thing Asian wrap loving fatties have always dreamed of: a Panda Express burrito. There are also salads and rice bowls (ala Chipotle’s Shophouse) but you’re not going to bother with that. What you are going to bother with is a scallion dotted mooshu pancake wrapped around orange chicken, rice, chow mein and whatever else you see fit to stuff in there.


You’re going to take a bite, shed a tear, and then get to work on figuring out how we can convince Panda Express to not only serve these at every one of their locations, but also offer the option of having them deep fried. (Orange Chicken egg roll chimichanga FTW!)

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