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Mozza2Go Pizza Deal All Week This Week: Remember the Sunday/Monday Mozza2Go pizza deal we told you about back in October?  Well, this week they're doing it all week long. Get 2 margheritas for $20, 2 sausuge pizzas for $25, or 2 meat lovers pizzas for $28 through February 1st. Call 323-297-1130 to place your order. UPDATE: The 2 margherita pizzas for $20 deal is now permanently on the menu.

Mozza2Go Now Selling Two Pizza For $20

**Since this post was originally published, Mozza2Go has begun to offer these specials daily**


I don’t know if there are many absolute food truths in this world, but one that is seemingly undeniable is that Nancy Silverton is an L.A. food goddess. And nowhere is that more evident than at Pizzeria Mozza. Minor quibbles aside (some people just have to be contrarian!), the place is awesome… so much so, I’ve been back more than once. (Which is saying a lot considering how much catching up I have to do since moving back to L.A. from NYC at the beginning of the year after 4+ years away.) Obviously the place isn’t a Midtown Lunch, but when Mozza To Go opened up around the corner it didn’t give me hope that maybe- just maybe- we could squeeze a $10 lunch item out of the Mozza empire. Sadly on their whole menu of pizzas and sandwiches (sorry, I think of salads as an appetizer not a lunch!) only one thing qualifies: the $10 tomato pizza with oregano and extra virgin olive oil. I’m guessing that means no cheese, right? A cheese-less pizza? (*sigh*) Can Midtown Lunch really endorse this?

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