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Fundamental L.A. Reboots Lunch Today


After a nearly two month hiatus Fundamental LA, on Westwood Blvd just south of Wilshire, reopens for lunch today with a brand new menu.  The super popular chicken torta and the egg topped BLT have both made the cut, but the porchetta, meatloaf, and fried chicken sandwiches that floated in and off the menu have been replaced by a pork belly banh mi, a fried calamari sandwich, and a cold roast beef sandwich with pimento cheese.  Check out this week’s full menu, after the jump…

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Fundamental L.A.’s Sandwiches Are Small But Delicious


This might come as a shock to some, but I don’t love sandwiches.  Wait.  Scratch that.  Who doesn’t love sandwiches? I love sandwiches. Of course I love sandwiches.  But I will admit to being slightly prejudiced against sandwiches. I hold my lunchtime sandwiches to a higher standard. In other words, I expect more from my sandwiches than I do from… say… shitty Chinese food. You either have to be the very best at what you do (i.e. the chicken parm from Bay Cities), or you’ve got to be doing something really unique (I’m looking at you Mendocino Farms).  Something that makes me look at the menu and think… ok, this is going to be different and awesome.

Fundamental L.A., the new sandwich shop on Westwood Blvd that replaced Alcazar Express, did just that to me last Monday.  I don’t know if it was their sous vide egg topped BLT, or their house made porchetta that did the trick, but either way I found myself there last Thursday eating my way through half their menu.  And it was so good, I went back on Friday.

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Westwood’s New Sandwich Shop Fundamental L.A. Looks Amazing

Last week Tasting Table did a feature on the newly opened sandwich shop Fundamental L.A. (1303 Westwood Blvd.) and it looks pretty freaking awesome. A porchetta sandwich with sauerkraut for $9. A BLT made with a fried egg pulled fresh from a circulator ($8). A trotters sandwich!?! And apparently the menu is constantly changing (although I hope it doesn’t change so quick I miss out on the porchetta…)

Fundamental L.A., 1303 Westwood Blvd., 310-444-7581